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Resilient MC

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A Message From the President

Throughout the ongoing pandemic, Montgomery College has prioritized the health and safety of its students and employees above all else. As we move into the next phase of teaching, learning, and working, this will continue to guide all of our decisions about the structure of our education programs and delivery of key services.

Daily life has changed for all of us. MC’s commitment to high quality education that is affordable and serves the critical needs of our community has not. In fact, we are more resolved in our commitments to our students, employees, and community. MC has continued to provide excellent education throughout the pandemic. We have protected our students’ transfer opportunities. I take special pride in the innovative, creative responses that have evolved in our classrooms and support services—and in the extraordinary resilience that our faculty and staff have shown. As our mission dictates, we will continue to empower our students and serve our communities. 

Montgomery College is strong. Montgomery College is resilient. MC embodies excellence, courage and radical inclusion. You can be transformed by your experience here. For more detail about how MC is adapting in our new learning environment, please consult our Resilient MC resources and watch the video below. 

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Guiding Principles
  • Adapt in response to the new environment in which we now live, learn, and work, while protecting the mission of the College: the delivery of high-quality, affordable education to meet the evolving needs of the community and local economy
  • Protect the values that the College has long championed: equity, radical inclusion, respect for the dignity of our students and employees—ensure that we do not under serve the underserved
  • Lead our community in reimagining and reinventing essential education, economic, and social paradigms
  • Listen to our students, employees, alumni, stakeholders, decision-makers, business leaders, non-profit partners, and many others to support the rebound of our community
  • Partner actively with Montgomery County entities to expand impact and collaboration and renew our community alliances in enhanced ways in this time of increased need
  • Work to protect fiscally sustainable operations while maintaining robust stewardship of MC employees
  • Communicate regularly, relevantly, compassionately, and clearly
  • Practice the courageous transformation that this moment demands

Resilient MC: Our Work to Ensure Health and Safety

Resilient MC Resources

For Students

Resources and information on classes, student services, emergency financial assistance, and more.

For Employees

Resources and information on working from home, time sheets, essential personnel, and more.

For Faculty

Resources and information on remote instruction.


Since the outbreak of COVID-19 the College’s facilities have been closed to all activities. As we envision a time when facilities are re-occupied, MC is planning carefully for health protocols and public education about new standards.  MC has already implemented enhanced cleaning protocols in response to the pandemic. We are creating a public education campaign about health practices that will be expected from our students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

We value the presence of our community in our theaters, art galleries, and libraries. But for now continued social distancing will be required for the still-unspecified future. As such, we will not be taking reservations for space rentals until we have clarity about how spaces can be safely used. We will communicate when our facilities will again be available. And we look forward to welcoming our community back to our sites. In the meantime, many of our services have a virtual presence now and we invite you to participate.

We are reluctantly putting a moratorium on community events held at the College until April 1, 2021. At that time we will reassess the status.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, MC has relied upon the expertise of local county and state health professionals. In addition, we have called upon the insights of our Coronavirus Advisory Team (CAT). The College will continue to consult these groups, along with several expanded CAT members, about special adaptations that will be needed when our campuses are re-occupied. The timing of such decisions will also be carefully considered. We must weigh factors that include vulnerable individuals, the density of our classrooms, the use of public transportation, and traditional face-to-face meetings in small spaces.

In order to imagine those dynamics, several new protocols will be put in place. These include the use of face coverings, social distancing, enhanced cleaning protocols, and adjustments to work schedules/class attendance. MC is already consulting with the County and State to ensure thorough and diligent planning for all possibilities. See MC's COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.)  and Health and Safety Guidance for those approved to be on campus. Administrative & Fiscal Services has put out Operational Guidelines for Safely Returning to Montgomery College Campuses (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.) .

  • Rose Garvin Aquilino, Interim Associate Senior Vice President, Advancement and Community Engagement
  • Alice Boatman, Acting Associate Dean of Student Affairs (TP/SS)
  • Steve Cain, Chief of Staff and Chief Strategy Officer
  • Monique Davis, Instructional Dean, Health Sciences, Health, Physical Education, and Nursing
  • Rowena D’Souza, Risk Management / HIPAA Privacy Official
  • Melissa Gregory, Associate Senior Vice President for Student Affairs
  • John Hamman, Interim Chief Analytics and Effectiveness Officer
  • Kevin Long, Director of Planning and Policy, Office of President
  • Jane Ellen Miller, Interim Chief Information Officer
  • Marvin Mills, Vice President for Facilities
  • Nadine Porter, Associate Senior Vice President, Administrative and Fiscal Services
  • Sharmila Pradhan, Environmental Safety Manager
  • Adam Reid, Interim Director of Public Safety and Emergency Management
  • Marcus Rosano, Director of Media and Public Relations
  • Carlo Sanchez, Manager of Public Safety and Emergency Management, TP/SS Campus
  • Michelle T. Scott, Deputy Chief of Staff and Strategy
  • Melissa Sprague, Interim Chair, Health Sciences Programs
  • Carolyn Terry, Associate Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs
  • K. Rebecca Thomas, Department Chair and Professor, Biology
  • Krista Leitch Walker, Vice President of Human Resources and Strategic Talent Management

Conversation with Leadership: Resilient MC

Healthy People, Safer Spaces: Next Steps
View Dr. Pollard and the Montgomery College Senior Vice Presidents at their past Conversation with Leadership, which took place March 4, 2021.

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