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Youth Programs

Youth Programs

Montgomery college offers a wide range of affordable, convenient youth programs for young people of all ages.

Youth Programs

Find out today what MC can offer your child or teen, in a variety of educational and social settings.

Announcement / COVID19

ALL school year programs are ONLINE!

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  1. Essentials Series involve direct instruction from Yang Academy
  2. Study Sessions math support, group questions and answers. Yang Academy
  3. Online Small Group Tutoring sessions maximum four students in math and science. 

Learn more about these new programs to provide support in math and science for ages 12-18. Youth School Year Programs. 

Youth Summer 2021

Summer schedule is now available for view. Registration should open around  March 8th.  Learn more about Summer Camps for 2021.


Kids' College and Piano Fun

Kids' College Spring is now available. Popular programs  from  Yang Academy and Don Milner offer study skills for remote learning, enhancements to math and science classes.  Lots of STEAM:  Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Science. Black Rocket returns as does Future Resource Learning with digital arts.

Piano Fun for grades 1-12 is back for Spring with semi-private group lessons online.

To learn more about the spring classes visit Youth School Year Programs.


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School Year Programs

What else does MC offer for teens? Year-round classes like driver's ed, SAT/ACT prep classes, interactive classroom programs, and hundreds of online noncredit classes.

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Summer Programs

Summer brings over 200 fun-filled classes for grades K-12. Science, technology, engineering arts, math (STEAM), and many more.

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Piano classes are held on MC's Rockville campus on Saturdays for 15 weeks in the fall and spring. Enrollment is limited to six students in each group class.

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Online Courses for High School Students

Looking for quality online courses to fit your schedule and budget? We offer a wide variety of affordable noncredit online courses that may fit your needs.

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