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Transform for the Montgomery County Community

Montgomery County is a vibrant place, and Montgomery College is interconnected in many ways. Transformational change for the College and for the county is not possible without a rich interconnection between Montgomery College and our business, community, educational, neighborhood, faith based, and other leadership.

Sustained engagement and strategic dialogues with our students and communities are critical to address emerging educational and training needs, workforce development strategies, and public policy issues that intersect multiple constituencies. To support business continuity within the county, it is also imperative for the College to have the capacity to provide customized employee upskilling and reskilling for businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies.

President Williams has already initiated engagement with the internal College community, the broader community, and key stakeholders in order to acclimate to the College, county, and region. These direct, meaningful, and sometimes critical, yet courageous, conversations could impact not only many different areas within the College, but also the broader community. After careful deliberation, the PTAC presents a non-exhaustive categorized list of internal and external communities recommended for engagement with Dr. Williams.

Please Share Your Comments
Our community helped shape the PTAC recommendations, and we value and welcome further input about the report. Send us your comments.