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Literature and Creative Writing

Upcoming Courses for Spring 2024

Remote and Distance Learning

ENGL 214: Survey of Brit Lit II
CRN 31852 | Prof. Shweta Sen
Read, think, and learn about: Browning, Wilde, Woolf, and many more...

ENGL 227: African American Literature II (late 19th-21st century)
CRN 34768 | Dr. Leah Sneider
1-2:30 PM
Remote: Tuesday and Thursday
What does it mean to be African-American post-Civil War to today?


Why Take a Literature Class?

  • Good preparation for jobs in education, journalism, law, business, marketing/advertising, publishing, library sciences, curation, video game narration/design, TV production, human resources, nonprofit work, art, editing, and more.
  • Leads to more employability and personal development.
  • Teaches you to reflect on the world around you and your place in it.
  • Teaches you to consider alternate perspectives.
  • Teaches critical thinking and effective communication skills, both of which are necessary for professional success.
  • Makes you more appealing to four-year schools in a competitive environment.
  • Taking literature classes shows transfer schools a specialization and a set of skills that are highly sought after.
  • Medical schools are seeking more collaboration with English as well as recruiting more and more applicants with English degrees.
  • Reading literature can strengthen human connections, expands perspectives, and provide inspiration!
  • It’s fun!