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Recent Faculty Publications and Presentations

Nate & His Magic Lion

Professor LaTonya Pinkard, in her youth, developed a love for children’s literature after her Mother would take her to the public library for story time & books. This created a literary journey that led to a career teaching English and authoring a children’s book, "Nate & His Magic Lion." Book 2 of this series will be released winter 2023.

Elizabeth Benton and her son

Through Her Son’s Eyes
Longtime community college educator Elizabeth M. Benton writes of newly experiencing community college after her son enrolls.
A dean and her son experience community college (opinion)new window 

Books by Faculty

Speaking Out: Families of LGBTQ+ Advance the Dialogue by Dr. Esther Schwartz-McKinzie. Published Gival Press, October 2022.

Why We Never Visited the Elms by Marianne Szlyk. Published by Poetry Pacific, 2022.

International Students at US Community Colleges: Opportunities Challenges and Successes, co-edited by Gregory Malveaux published by Routledge press and coming out in 2022.

Transcript of the Unnamed, Poems by Kateema Lee published September 28, 2020.

Words for Things Left Unsaid, Poems by Ethan Goffman published by Kelsay Books, March 21, 2020.

Poetry en Plein Air, a collection of new and selected poems by Marianne Szlyk published by Pony One Dog Press, 2020.

Bearing Children: A Memoir of Choices by Andrea Abrams, ebook, March 12, 2020.

Theory and Praxis: Women's and Gender Studies at Community Colleges, co-edited by Genevieve Carminati, Gival Press, November 1, 2019.

Archive of Publications

Dr. Esther Schwartz-McKinzie

Dr. Esther Schwartz-McKinzie’s new book, Speaking Out: Families of LGBTQ+ Advance the Dialogue, was released October 1, 2022. Inspired by the author’s daughter, this collection of 19 interviews with LGBTQ+ people and parents of LGBTQ+ people pushes back against current hateful anti-LGBTQ+ politics and trends. Coming from a wide range of backgrounds and experience, the participants share their stories as a form of activism, in the hopes that giving readers the opportunity to know them will start to dissolve stereotypes and promote acceptance. They address a range of topics, but all answer the question, "What do you want to say to the parents of LGBTQ+ people?" The Gival Press release page for this book can be seen here: Speaking Out: Families of LGBTQ+ Advance the Dialoguenew window.

Why We Never Visited the Elms

Professor Marianne Szlyk recently published a new chapbook, Why We Never Visited the Elms (Poetry Pacific, 2022). Poems from this book have appeared in Beltway Poetry Quarterly, Bourgeon, The Sligo Journal, Verse-Virtual, and other journals and blog-zines. The book is available as a paperback and an e-book. For more information about the book, please see this page from the publisher: Marianne Szlyk's New Poetry Booknew window.

Professor Stanley Niamatali's poem "Return to Sender" will be published in Volume 36 of The Caribbean Writer in the print, digital and audio versions.

Professor Kateema Lee

Professor Kateema Lee published a book of poetry, Transcript of the Unnamed, which explores the "brief, bright lives" of missing and forgotten black women. Professor Lee has been invited to read for the University of Maryland's "Writers Here & Now" series, and undergraduate and graduate students studied her work this semester.

She has also published one poem in the anthology This is What America Looks Like: The Washington Writers’ Publishing House Anthology. Her poem "Last Epistle" was awarded a special first-place honor in the anthology. 

Split This Rock will feature her poem "Remembrance" as part of their Poems of the Week series. The poem will also be archived in The Quarry: A Social Justice Poetry Database.

Professor Emily Rosado
Professor Emily Rosado gave a keynote address at Reynolds Community College's May Faculty Forum on Trauma-informed Teaching Practices.
Professor Elizabeth Huergo

Professor Elizabeth Huergo has recently published a series of short essays on literary topics for the website Writer Unboxed, including the following two in 2021: 

Readings For Writers: Kathleen Alcalá and the Extraordinarynew window
Readings for Writers: John le Carré and George Orwellnew window 

Professor Huergo’s literary interview with Kathleen Alcalá "Crossing Borders: from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary" is included in the May 2021 Fiction Writers Review

Professor Huergo also has a peer-reviewed essay "Gloria Anzaldúa’s ‘Feminist Architecture’ and Political Change" to be published in A Legacy of Gloria E. Anzaldúa: ‘May We Do Work that Matters’ an anthology forthcoming in August 2021 by Texas Women’s University.

Professor Alejandro Leopardi
Professor Alejandro Leopardi’s poem "What If" was published in the most recent issue of Sligo Journalnew window.
image of Amputating Shakespeare

Professor Evan Crump presented his paper "'Amputating Shakespeare: Theatre Becoming-Theatre" at the America Educational Research Association's annual conference on April 7, 2021. The paper is based on his dissertation work applying avant-garde theatre techniques to Shakespearean performance and then doing a second 'loop' of applying those creative principles to the research writeup as well.

Amputating Shakespeare: Theatre Becoming-Theatrenew window

Cycling on the road

Professor Ethan Goffman publishes a monthly article on the website Mobility Lab. His most recent article "Will the Pandemic Push Bicycling to a Wider Community in the DMV?" was published on March 13, 2021. Professor Goffman also recently published an article for Greater, Greater Washington called "DC, along with three states, signs the Transportation Climate Initiative, but controversy remains." 

Will the Pandemic Push Bicycling to a Wider Community in the DMV?new window

image of Dr. Monivca Mische

Dr. Monica Mische has two upcoming publications: "Railcars." Herstry. Forthcoming June 2021, and "The Tonic of Wildness". EcoTheo Review: Social Justice Folio. April 2021.

Professor Bess's podcast Flyer

Podcast by Rockville English Faculty Stephen Bess. Professor Bess recounts his experiences growing up in Washington DC, joining the Navy, working as a DJ, and becoming a college student. During the conversation, he is extremely aware of the impact his background has on his teaching experience. A passionate scholar, he reflects on how the preparation in his classroom will help his students broaden their horizons and enhance their employment opportunities.

ELITE Podcast

English Professor Stephen Bess
Interviewed by Michele Knight
Music Composed by Michele Knight

Refreshingly Real:  Adding a Personal Touch to the Classroomnew window