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The Red Jacket

The Red Jacket is the official Montgomery College Rockville Campus student-run journal.
Red Jacket is looking for an editor!
Students: if you have editing experience and are interested in working on the Red Jacket Literary Magazine staff, please send an email note to Dr. Dickison:, or call 240- 567-4004.

Our Mission

We seek for the most talented writers, poets, artists and photographers at Montgomery College and encourage them to publish their work. We are here to prove that Montgomery College students are great creative forces, deep thinkers and conscious citizens of the world concerned with current issues. The Red  Jacket features short works of fiction, poetry,  personal essays, and artwork by the most talented students attending MC's Rockville Campus. We also provide students with opportunities to publish or to experience publication, editing and management. The Red Jacket is the artistic voice of Montgomery College’s Rockville campus.

Student Editors

  • Editor in Chief :  Miranda Garcia Torres
  • Poetry Editor: Kelsey Ogbewe
    • Associate Editor of Poetry: Sarah Galczynski
  • Editor of Fiction and Non-Fiction: Nene Keita
    • Associate Editor of Fiction and Non-Fiction Prose: Gabriel Gotiangco
  • Art Editor: Somyer Perkins
    • Associate Editor of Art and Photography: Elielle Kayomb
    • Associate Editor of Art and Photography: Gilda Odio
Submit Your Writing to The Red Jacket
The Red Jacket

The Red Jacket is the student-edited literary magazine of Montgomery College, Rockville campus.  Every year, we accept student submissions for publication. We are looking for fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and artwork. Check our website for the spring deadline. We accept submissions anytime (fall, winter or spring) before then. Send us your work soon as you can! We look forward to it.

Email your work to

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Red Jacket?
A. The Red Jacket is the Literary Magazine for Montgomery College at the Rockville campus.  This magazine is operated by students, working with student submissions.  The Red Jacket has a different editorial staff every year that makes different decisions with the layout and content.  The key focus is that the magazine is student edited and managed, with an English Faculty advisor.

Q. How often do you publish?
A. The Red Jacket is published every spring. 

Q. What is the deadline for submissions?
A. This changes each year, so it's best to check the Red Jacket's main page. Also, we take submissions throughout the year, so send your work whenever you want to submit.

Q. What do you take as submissions?
A. We accept pieces of short fiction, poems of various lengths, personal essays and other forms of creative writing.    Not every submission is accepted. 

Q. Do you take artwork?
A. Of Course!  Any artwork submitted should be sent as a .jpeg.

Q. Do I have to attend MC to submit?
A. Yes. The Red Jacket is for Montgomery College students on the Rockville campus.

Q. How do I submit?
A. Send your submission to The Red Jacket as an email attachment.  All written submissions should be in a .docx format with your full name and an e-mail where you can be reached.  You will be contacted in the spring with a decision.

Q. Can I work on The Red Jacket?
A. We are always looking for editorial staff for the Red Jacket.  The staff is responsible for soliciting submissions, accepting or rejecting student work, and the formatting the journal.  If you’d like to be on the Red Jacket staff, email professor

Q. If I’m on staff, can I submit my work to The Red Jacket for publication?
A. No.  There is a conflict of interest with being on The Red Jacket staff and putting your own work in the magazine.

Q. Who can I contact for more information?
A. You can email The Red Jacket.


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Our History

Montgomery College's Rockville campus has celebrated student writing in the form of a literary journal since the late 1960’s. The first three issues were called The Duel. In 1979, one issue of The Montgomery College Review appeared, and during the 1980’s it morphed into The Red Jacket, which faded away; then emerged as Van Gogh’s Other Ear. In the 1990’s, it faded away again. The journal resurrected as The Red Jacket in the late 1990s, and the Department of English has published The Red Jacket since then.

It is believed that the journal was named after a Native American orator and chief of the Wolf clan. Red Jacket became famous as an orator, speaking for the rights of his people. He played a prominent role in negotiations with the new federal government. In 1792 he was heading a delegation of 50 people to Philadelphia where President George Washington presented him with a special "peace medal," a large oval silver plate showing an image of Washington on the right hand side shaking his hand engraved upon it, below the inscription "George Washington", "Red Jacket", and "1792." Red Jacket wore this medal on his chest in every portrait painted of him.