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The Red Jacket

The Red Jacket is the official Montgomery College Rockville Campus student-run journal.

Our Mission

The Red Jacket is the artistic voice of Montgomery College’s Rockville campus. We seek out talented writers, poets, artists, and photographers at Montgomery College and encourage them to publish their work. We also provide students with opportunities to publish or experience publication, editing and management. Our every issue proves that Montgomery College students are great creative forces, deep thinkers, and conscious citizens of the world.

Student Editors

  • Editor in Chief : Eva O'Hara
  • Poetry Editor: Karter MacLean
    • Associate Editor of Poetry: Kelsey Ogbewe
  • Editor of Fiction and Non-Fiction Prose: Helen Zheng
    • Associate Editor of Fiction and Non-Fiction Prose: Jay Valverde
  • Editor of Art and Photography: Markayla Merchant
    • Associate Editor of Art and Photography: Nilipi Wijegunawardena
Submission Guidelines

The Red Jacket is the student-edited literary magazine of Montgomery College’s Rockville campus. We accept student submissions year-round. The exact date of the submissions deadline varies year to year. We are looking for artwork, poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. General rules apply to all submissions, but specific guidelines are subject to change. 

All submissions must include your email, first and last name and the title of your piece. Make sure to specify if you would like your name to be listed as “Anonymous.”

For artwork, include the medium/material used. Photography and photographs of any artwork should be .jpeg or .raw files of the highest possible quality, with resolution greater than 300 dpi.

Essays, short stories, poetry, and other written works should be no longer than a few pages. Written work should be in .doc or .pdf form.

Send us your work as soon as you can! We look forward to it. We will confirm that we’ve received your submissions. If your work has been accepted, you will be contacted in the spring.

Email submissions and inquiries to

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Red Jacket?
A. The Red Jacket is the Literary Magazine for Montgomery College at the Rockville campus.  This magazine is operated by students, working with student submissions.  The Red Jacket has a different editorial staff every year that makes different decisions with the layout and content.  The key focus is that the magazine is student edited and managed, with an English Faculty advisor.

Q. Can I join The Red Jacket team?
A. We are always looking for editorial staff for the Red Jacket. The staff is responsible for soliciting submissions, accepting or rejecting student work, and formatting the magazine. If you’d like to be on the Red Jacket staff, email the Red Jacket and/or our faculty advisor

Q. How often do you publish?
A. The Red Jacket is published every spring. 

Q. Do I have to attend MC to submit?
A. Yes. The Red Jacket is for Montgomery College students on the Rockville campus.

Q. What types of submissions do you accept?
A. We accept artwork, photography, short stories, fiction, nonfiction, poems, personal essays, and other forms of creative writing. Written submissions should be no longer than a few pages. Not every submission is accepted.

Q. What is the deadline for submissions?
A. We accept submissions year-round, regardless of whether school is in session. The exact submissions deadline for a specific issue changes year to year. To find out the deadline for a specific issue, email or contact our faculty advisor.

Q. How do I submit?
A. Submissions can be sent virtually to the Red Jacket as an email attachment. General submission guidelines can be found on this webpage within the “Submission Guidelines” section. In summary, all written submissions should be .doc/.pdf files and must include your full name and an email where you can be reached. All artwork should be sent in the form of the highest possible quality .jpeg. You will be contacted in the spring if your work has been accepted.

Q. Am I allowed to submit multiple pieces?
A. Yes! We welcome any number of submissions, but cannot guarantee that they will be published.

Q. If I’m on staff, can I submit my work to The Red Jacket for publication?
A. No. There is a conflict of interest with being on The Red Jacket staff and putting your own work in the magazine.

Q. Who can I contact for more information?
A. You can email the Red Jacket, our faculty advisor, or direct message our Instagram page @red.jacketmcnew window

red jacket book
Our History

Montgomery College's Rockville campus has celebrated student writing in the form of a literary journal since the late 1960’s. The first three issues were called The Duel. In 1979, one issue of The Montgomery College Review appeared, and during the 1980’s it morphed into The Red Jacket, which faded away; then emerged as Van Gogh’s Other Ear. In the 1990’s, it faded away again. The journal resurrected as The Red Jacket in the late 1990s, and the Department of English has published The Red Jacket since then.

It is believed that the journal was named after a Native American orator and chief of the Wolf clan. Red Jacket became famous as an orator, speaking for the rights of his people. He played a prominent role in negotiations with the new federal government. In 1792 he was heading a delegation of 50 people to Philadelphia where President George Washington presented him with a special "peace medal," a large oval silver plate showing an image of Washington on the right hand side shaking his hand engraved upon it, below the inscription "George Washington", "Red Jacket", and "1792." Red Jacket wore this medal on his chest in every portrait painted of him.


The Red Jacket - Literary Magazine
Spring 2022 Issue

Featuring work by:

Eden Unger; Rita Madden; Alana McCarthy Light; Trevor Garret; Karter Maclean; Alex Rogozin; Piper Fair; Maryam Danish; Kainat Waheed; Lucien Jarrett; Alexzander Baetsen; Jennifer Duenas; Emma Stevens; Kiara Elmore; Pryncess Lawson; Preston Brooks; Samantha Atherton; Isabella Filoia; Daniele Nguyen; Bernabe Velasquez; Stephanie Fernandez

Spring 2022 Issue (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader - Link opens in new window)


Back Issues

the Red Jacket Spring 2004 Issue cover
Spring 2004 Issue

Featuring work by:
Richard Han; Erin Jones; Jewel Heldman; Jo Alexander; Christopher Mannino; Matt Pullen; Robert Swensen; Alison Smith; Joyce Yarington; Donna Brackman; Kenya President; Tamer Rifai; Patricia Rogers; Amir Fatemi; Megan Smith; Renee Ford; Anarel Oliveira; Erica Robertson; Loki Kowalski; Devon Watkins; Karell Adou; Yuqing Liu; Sarcia Adkins; Amelia Alvarado; Jaynea Muse; Ana Weider-Blank; Alex Rogolsky; Avis Jones-Petlane; Myra Patner; Harvey Topper; Patricia Perez; Aracely Herrera; Howard Kaplan

Spring 2004 Issue (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader - Link opens in new window)