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Educators Rising

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Educators Rising MC is a chapter within the national Educators Risingnew window organization. Through Montgomery College's School of Education, we are committed to developing the next generation of highly skilled professional educators. 

Educators Rising is inspiring a new generation of highly skilled educators by guiding young people on a path from high school through college and into their teaching career as a long-term solution to teacher shortages around the country. Educators Rising students feel that they are a part of a greater movement, connecting with other like-minded aspiring educators to shape the future. 

Educators Rising at MC offers:  

  • Additional funds for books, required technology, and some personal items - eliminating the barriers of added costs, e.g., housing, transportation, food, etc., that are typically not addressed in financial assistance packages.  
  • Opportunities for paid internship exploration and work-based learning opportunities—partnering with career services to establish a more focused goal to ensure employment during and after the Montgomery College experience. 
  • One-on-one advising and mentoring to support social, academic, and professional goals.  
  • Leadership development through experiential opportunities, mentorship, and learning excursions throughout the country.  
  • Creation of a community college network of teacher-mentors/mentorship; participants will receive mentorship and develop their own styles of mentorship by providing leadership (peer mentoring) to other students while in the program. 

MCER Executive Board

Kierra Tongue, President
Emmanel Smith, Vice-President

MCER Advisors

Andrae' Brown 
Eric Benjamin
Yeve Montgomery 
Angela Rhoe
Patricia Robinson
Akima Rogers
Brandon Wallace 

2021 Student Inductees