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Decriminalizing Drug Possession

Annual Poster Session 2021
Illustration by Shawn Pyae: "Decriminalizing Drug Possession"

Student Illustrator: Shawn Le Win Pyae

Student Author: Imad Jewayni

Drug use is something most American are familiar with.  In fact, according to Braunschweiger  (2016), the majority of Americans report using drugs at least once during  their  lives  If something is so common within our society, why is that act made criminal? That question is not so easily answered, but the fact is that many people are being punished and imprisoned for using or possessing small amounts of drugs.  The laws, for the most part, have seen all drug use as bad and interchangeably use the term drug abuse with drug use. This is a highly misunderstood subject and should be treated differently.  Drugs have the potential to be abused and we should act accordingly with the people that end up dependent or addicted to drugs. We have innumerous problems with making the possession of drugs a criminal act and if Maryland decriminalizes drugs, we can effectively help people who are victims of drug abuse and reallocate resources for more pressing issues.

This is part of the 2021 Annual Poster Session, a collaboration between the Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice Department and the Media Arts and Technologies Department, featuring work by social science and illustration students.