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Social Stratification: Gender and Soccer

Annual Poster Session 2021
Illustration by Alejandro Rico: "Social Stratification: Gender and Soccer"

Student Illustrator: Alejandro Rico

Student Author: Giselle Argueta

Soccer is a sport that has been around for many years. It is one of the most popular sports in the world. Every four years, FIFA holds the men's and women's world cup, the women's being hosted a year after the men. The men's world cup has 32 participating countries, and the women's world cup holds 24; between both events, they are mostly the same, but the numbers in pay may differ from one another due to the gender. Conflict theory can be seen through this major event that is hosted all around the world. This can be applied how in history men have always been thought to be superior to women and for so long the social order has been maintained where it has caused a problem for all women in the working field. Gender discrimination is real and has been prominent for centuries. This event is a significant contributor to the gender gap, but they pay for every player, including men and women.

This is part of the 2021 Annual Poster Session, a collaboration between the Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice Department and the Media Arts and Technologies Department, featuring work by social science and illustration students.