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Drawing and Painting

ARTT100 - Introduction to Drawing
still life drawing
Blue Still Life
drawing of drapery
Student: Thi Thien Kim Nguyen - Spring 2020 - Instructor: Kate Kretz
ARTT204 - Intermediate Drawing
Drawing of two females
Student: Renci Freeman
Instructor: Michael Booker
Drawing of baseball player
Instructor: Michael Booker
ARTT205 - Figure Drawing I
Nude drawing in charcoal
Charcoal Nude
ARTT211 and ARTT212- Painting I and II
Student: Ingrid Satelmajer
Instructor: Michael Booker
still life painting
Still Life Grouping
Portrait painting
Instructor: Michael Booker
ARTT255 - Painting Practicum
Painting of a group of people
Group of Figures
Sow's Ear
Student: Lynn Kidder - Fall 2020 - Instructor: Katherine Knight


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