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Majoring in Art?

If you’re like most new students, all the options can be confusing! You are not alone. Our department at Takoma Park/Silver Spring has a couple of options for our art majors. You can choose to major in AA-Artnew window, AFA  – Studio Artsnew window, or AFA – Graphic Designnew window.  

Advising Worksheets

Track your progress using these worksheets. Download and fill out your grades each semester:

The AA is designed to help you transfer to a BA program, whereas the AFA degrees are built to help you transfer into a BFA visual art or design program. All you have to do is choose your major, speak with an adviser, and register for courses under the Traditional, Flexible Path; or, you may prefer the First Year Path.

Below are our two options for incoming students to compare:

Flexible Track: Traditional Path

The most common enrollment option for art students at MC is the traditional open enrollment pathway. This allows you the maximum flexibility in your course scheduling and is offered on all campuses for all art and design majors: AA – Art, AFA – Studio Art, and Graphic Design – AFA. In this track you can choose the schedule that works best for your complex life.

Remember: this path can be completed on any campus and requires nothing more than a completed Montgomery College application for enrollment.

First Year Path

This second option allows first semester, incoming students majoring in either AFA – Studio Art or AFA – Graphic Design on the Takoma Park/Silver Spring campus to enroll in a pair of linked, foundations-level art courses reserved for art majors ONLY. Through the First Year Path, incoming art majors must enroll in specific sections of ARTT 100: Introduction to Drawing and ARTT 102: Two-Dimensional Design. This offers you the opportunity to participate in a cohort experience (a group of fellow art majors only), helping you to quickly establish a peer group among other art majors in the department.

No matter which you prefer, if you intend on attending the Takoma Park/Silver Spring campus as an art major, please consult with a department art advisor prior to choosing a major or enrolling in art classes. We are happy to advise.