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General Studies: Social Sciences, Administration, and Health Fields of Study

Students are encouraged to contact a program advisor, and to visit Programs, Majors, and Degrees for additional program information.

If you are interested in General Studies: Social Sciences, Administration, and Health

Begin here: 

ENGL 101 if necessary
ENGL 102 if eligible

Select one of the following:

MATH 117
MATH 165

Required at University of MD for Psychology majors
MATH 150


General Education Requirement


Pick one of these courses:

ANTH 201
CCJS 110
POLI 101
PSYC 102
SOCY 100
WMST 101

General Education Requirement


Pick one of these courses: Any NSND Coursenew window
Required at University of MD for Psychology majors
BIOL 150

General Education Institutional Requirement

Pick one of these courses:

COMM 108
HLTH 131
HLTH 160
HLTH 212
HLTH 225

Before your next semester, contact a program advisor to determine the remaining courses you will need. You can also visit the General Studies Program for contact information and more about degrees and certificates in this field.

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