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Online Course Listings

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Online courses are offered in two formats: blended (partially online and partially on-campus) and fully online. Register for courses by logging in to MyMCnew window. You may also register in person by going to one of the three campuses.

If you're new to MC or to online learning, follow the steps on How to Register and Prepare for Online Classes

Please note that the PDF course lists below are not updated with live schedule information or number of open seats. For the most up-to-date information, go to Search the Class Schedulenew window.

To find online classes, Under Campus(es), select Distance Learning in the campus field. To find blended classes, select Blended Classes in the Attribute Type field.  To search for Z- Courses, select Z Courses under under Attribute Type.

Fully Online Classes

Some fully online classes require proctored on-campus exams. Many faculty want students to email them immediately after registering for an online class. Students must access their course online no later than the first day of class.

Blended Classes: Online + On-Campus

Blended classes are conducted partially online and partially on-campus. Participation in both parts is required. Different classes have different on-campus attendance requirements. Be sure to note the requirements listed with each class section. Many faculty want students to e-mail them immediately after registering.

Z-Courses: No Textbook Purchase Required

Z-courses are sections of a course which have no required textbook purchase because the instructor is making use of Open Educational Resources (OER) or other materials which have no cost to students. To find Z-courses, go to Advanced Search and select Z-courses in the Attribute Type field.