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Frequently Asked Questions about Online Learning

While you are not required to make contact with anyone prior to registering for an online class, it is a good idea to do so. Go to Counseling and Advising for contact information. If you have questions for a professor about a specific class, please go to the Course Listings. There you will find the instructor’s email address.

Credit classes: Like any other class at Montgomery College, you can register online through MyMCnew window or by coming to any campus registration desk. Students seeking credit classes who are new to Montgomery College need to fill out an application for admission (see Getting Started: How to Apply and Registernew window); current students may register online if in good standing.

Noncredit classes: Noncredit online learning students should register for classes by going to the Noncredit Classes pagenew window.

As mentioned above, we strongly recommend students taking the Online Learning Pre-Assessment to determine your level of readiness for taking online courses. Students should also visit the Online Learning Orientation to become familiarize with Blackboard.

Students should be computer literate so that they can more easily complete the requirements of an online course. Word processing, e-mail, and Web navigation skills, including creating and executing online searches, are especially useful in online classes. Copying, cutting, and pasting text will be useful in all courses.

Yes. To locate on-campus advising and counseling resources visit the Counseling and Advising. You can visit for more general resources on online advising. In addition, current students can use the request form for online advising by going to the Counseling/Advising Request window

Yes, technical support is available 24/7. Please check the Academic Resources and Technical Support page.

No, the actual computer type does not matter. But the browser should be current.

Most online classes require addressing content on a weekly basis. This means that the lessons and assignments are geared to be taken and completed each week. Students should keep up on a weekly basis; however, the times each week when you will work on your course(s) can vary.

In some cases there is a mandatory orientation, or exams must be taken at one of the Montgomery College Assessment Centers. Please read the notes associated with your course on the current semester Course Listings carefully before signing up for a distance education course. Most campus attendance requirements are listed there for each online course.

Online courses follow the same semester schedule as all other credit courses at Montgomery College. Depending on the instructor an online class may be available for student access up to a week before the scheduled semester start date. Some courses are not available until the end of the first day of the semester.

Course sections in the schedule which bear the designators "DE" for Building, and "Web" for Room are completely online. If a portion of the class has a specific meeting time on campus, the dates and times will be listed. See the notes associated with your course on the current semester Course Listing for specific meeting time requirements.

Blackboard Collaborate offers live audio/video, break-out discussions, and archived class sessions. Your professor will let you know ahead of time if there is a Blackboard Collaborate session in the online course.

If you need support on how to use Collaborate, visit the Blackboard Collaborate websitenew window.

Students can also review the Blackboard Collaborate Tutorial (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader - Link opens in new window) .  

Online courses transfer in the same way as do courses that are taken on campus. It is important to check with an MC counselor or your transfer school to make sure the course transfers and how it transfers.

Library resources and services are available to distance education students through the library’s websitenew window. RaptorSearch, the default search box on the homepage, connects students with electronic resources, like e-books, articles, and streaming videos. Students can access all library e-resources by entering their M number when prompted. MC librarians create online subject and course research guidesnew window to help students learn to do research for a particular academic subject or course. Finally, librarians are available to assist students online through our 24/7 chat service, by booking an online appointment, or through text message, phone, or email. Learn more about all support options on the Get Research Help webpagenew window.

Log in to MyMCnew window, then click the Blackboard icon at the top of the screen. Click the online course on the list you wish to access.

There are a few courses that do not use Blackboard. You can find information about how to access your course site by reading the notes for your course within the Course Listings. Just look for your course in the listing and the notes will have information about how to locate and access your course.

Each instructor has different standards for this. Unless stated otherwise by the instructor, you should sign on at least three times a week.

Test delivery methods are determined by individual instructors. In some classes, all tests are administered online. In others, instructors require students to go to a Montgomery College Assessment Center on one of the three campuses. Out-of-state students or students not in Montgomery County can request a proctored exam.

Like on-campus classes, online class has its advantages and disadvantages. If you are new to online learning, please read up on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Learning to understand how to prepare for this learning environment.

For blended courses, some faculty may allow students to take an exam online via Blackboard. Please check with your professor to see if your face-to-face exam can be proctored online on Blackboard.

If you are in the process of taking a proctored exam through Blackboard, view the Smarter Proctoring Guide (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader - Link opens in new window) to prepare yourself.