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Business Student Orientation

Business Student Orientation presentation

Welcome to the Montgomery College Business Student Orientation.  This orientation is offered through Prezi, a free online websitenew window. You do not need to sign up or login to Prezi to access this overview. However, you may want to download the free prezi app if accessing this material from a mobile device.

If you are new to Prezi, after accessing the orientation, simply hit the bottom right button to turn on full screen mode, turn on the sound on your computer, and select play (the right arrow at the bottom left of your screen). The orientation will play on its own, and lasts approximately 35-40 minutes. However, you may use your right arrow key on your computer’s keyboard to click through to the next slide as necessary, and the left arrow key to return to a slide you may want to spend more time on. If you would like to zoom in on an item, click the computer mouse on the area you would like to zoom into. Then, click the right arrow on your computer keyboard to zoom out and continue forward with the presentation. 

Audio is included with the Prezi overview. A transcript of this audio is provided for your convenience on this Business Student Orientation site under “materials." A PDF version of the Business Student Orientation and copies of all handouts seen throughout the Prezi presentation are also available on this site. Please access these materials here: