Faculty Resources

Become a faculty tutor!  Each semester, the WRL Center hires part time, full-time, and retired Montgomery College faculty as tutors. Faculty tutors provide tutoring from week three (3) through week 15 during the fall and spring semesters. If you are interested  in tutoring in the WRL Center, please fill out the Intent to Tutor form:


Drop-in tutoring is available the third week after the start of classes. The length of a tutoring session is 30 minutes and may be limited based on the tutoring load and/or staffing concerns.

Quick Question Desk (QQD)

The Quick Question Desk (QQD) provides all WRL Center visitors an opportunity to ask a variety of questions to address their concerns. Questions about writing, reading, and English language skills, including grammar and punctuation, are most common, but any question is welcomed! 

Student Referral Program 

Faculty may refer struggling students to the WRL Center during the first half of the semester. Student referrals usually meet with a tutor once a week over the course of the semester. To refer a student please send email to the WRL Center at WRLC.TPSS.Referral@montgomerycollege.edu.  (Please note: The number of referral students accepted each semester is based on tutor availability.) 

Tutoring for Portfolio Assessment

During the portfolio preparation period of each semester, WRL Center tutors offer students in ENGL and ELAP developmental classes guided tutoring utilizing our Portfolio Tutoring Checklist (PDF, Download Acrobat Reader) to help students revise their essays.


Two workshops are offered at various times over the course of each semester: "Research and Citations" and "Ace the Exam." However, faculty may also request specific workshop topics be addressed. To request a workshop for your class, please email the WRL Center at WRLC.TPSS.General@montgomerycollege.edu

Additional Information

For additional information, please download our latest Guide for Faculty (PDF, Download Acrobat Reader). If you have any questions, please contact the WRL Center Manager.

Requirements for Students Receiving Tutoring

WRL Center tutors are better able to assist students when they understand the assignment. Students are strongly encouraged to have written instruction, either in the form of a handout or specific notes, from their instructors when they come for tutoring on written assignments. Please communicate this policy clearly to students when suggesting that they see a tutor. 

Student Autonomy Policy

The WRL Center supports the autonomy and privacy of students seeking tutorial services and has found that these conditions are more effective than mandatory tutoring requirements. We encourage faculty to recommend tutoring and workshops to their students. The Center documents all tutoring sessions and will forward a copy of non-confidential sessions to faculty. In addition, faculty are welcome to mandate workshops and—as always—may continue to require lab hours for instructional software.

Remember, for additional information about WRL Center services, please download our latest Guide for Faculty (PDF, Download Acrobat Reader). If you have any questions, please contact the WRL Center Manager.

In the meantime, we look forward to working with you and your students and wish everyone great success!