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Raptor Appearance Request

Have the Raptor at Your Event
Raptor mascot at scholarship luncheon

Please submit your Raptor Squad Appearance Request at least three weeks prior to the event. All reservations will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis and will be fulfilled depending on performer availability and management objectives. Raptor Squad appearances are only available when classes are in session. Raptor Squad availability is limited during the summer session.

  • The Raptor mascot has the ability to wave, shake hands, sign autographs, perform the Raptor Dance and bring energy and enthusiasm to your event.
  • The Raptor mascot does not have the ability to speak, eat, drink, be around animals, walk up or down stairs, ride an escalator, or do acrobatics or stunts.
  • Due to the Raptor’s inherent dislike of wet feathers, the Raptor cannot perform outside on rainy days.
  • Due to the Raptor’s strict dietary plan, the Raptor cannot handle food or liquids at your event.

Fill out the Raptor Squad Appearance Request Form below. We will confirm the information you submit as soon as possible. If there are problems in fulfilling your request we will work with you to see if a date or time change is possible.

Most requests will be answered within a week. Unfortunately, our mascots do not always know their class schedules very far in advance. Therefore, requests for appearances in a future semester or for a date more than two months in the future will be acknowledged as received but not confirmed until closer to the event date. If your request for the Raptor mascot to appear at your event is approved, you will need to provide the following:

  1. An on-site contact person.
  2. A parking space close to the event.
  3. A private place to dress and rest (mascots will need at least 15 minutes per hour to cool down and reenergize). The on-site contact person must walk the mascot to and from the private place for security reasons.
  4. A secure location for clothes and personal items.
  5. Bottled water must be available at all times.
Publicity/Marketing Restrictions

Athletics and Communications manage the Raptor’s schedule and all request proposals are reviewed. The requestor will be contacted if their request is approved or denied. If your submission of the form does not generate an automatic e-mail response acknowledging receipt to the form, please contact for assistance.

Raptor sitting with student on bench