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MC Provides Emergency Support to Students

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The College and Foundation have now made 2,315 awards to students, totaling more than $858,000.
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Montgomery College and the MC Foundation are working tirelessly to provide students with emergency financial support during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Read the stories below of a few of the hundreds of students who have received assistance. 

Meeting Technology Needs 

When the College moved to remote instruction and local libraries closed, a student who needs assistance through the College’s Disability Support Services was not able to access the computers or tutors necessary to complete her assignments. She is currently experiencing a financial hardship—and needs money to purchase a laptop and a printer/scanner—to fully participate in her classes.

Montgomery College funds provided this student with a voucher for a laptop.

Asylum-Seeking Student Receives Scholarship, Food Assistance

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, an asylum-seeking student struggled to pay bills and tuition. She works two jobs while taking a full-time course load. In January, her mother broke her leg and lost her job. The student and her mother are now homeless. The student often works extra shifts—eating only during breaks—because food is scarce. They have applied for housing, but the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent closures of county agencies prolonged the wait.

This student received a voucher for a laptop from Montgomery College funds as well as a scholarship and an e-gift card for food assistance from the Montgomery College Foundation.

DACA Student Awarded Scholarship

While taking Principles of Biology, a single mother works in a dental office to support her young child. Recently she reduced her hours to keep her patients and her family safe during the COVID-19 outbreak. She is in danger of losing her job. This motivated student leader, who takes advantage of office hours and study sessions provided by ATPA, earned one of highest grades on the first exam. Because she is a DACA student, she cannot file a FAFSA. She fears she will not be able to continue her education next semester.

Montgomery College funds provided this student with assistance for family expenses.

Student Receives Food and Rent Support

At the onset of COVID-19, a student was laid off indefinitely at a catering company He stopped working for DoorDash and other food delivery services amid concerns over his health. He still works part time for CVS, but his hours were drastically cut. The student, who participates in a College mentoring program, needs help paying his bills, including rent, phone service, insurance, and transportation.

This student received assistance for food and rent from the Montgomery College Foundation.  

Providing Food Assistance Through Grocery Gift Cards

This student, a wife and mother, worked full time at a law firm. She enrolled in paralegal studies program in 2019. She was laid off at the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak. Her husband’s work has been cut to part time. She is taking classes and trying to maintain financial footing on one part-time salary. She is requesting monetary assistance so her children have enough to eat.

The Montgomery College Foundation provided this student an e-gift card for groceries.

International Student Awarded Scholarship

Down to his last $300, this international student has no family in the United States. His parents are unable to financially support him. Because of his F-1 status, he cannot work unless he receives a Severe Economic Hardship Employment Recommendation. He still has two tuition payments to make for the spring semester. His English professor says he is a bright, promising student. He desperately needs tuition and food assistance.

This student received a scholarship from Montgomery College Foundation funds. 

Support our efforts to provide emergency assistance to students.
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What People are Saying
"Thank you so much for awarding me this scholarship. It has definitely been difficult transitioning from attending classes on campus to Zoom video conferences. However, during these uncertain times, receiving this award and knowing that the college is dedicated to helping me continue to earn my degree fills my heart with so much joy and encourages me not to quit.”
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