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Working Remotely
Nearly all MC employees are expected to work remotely until further notice. See Resilient MC for updates, including the Return-to-Campus Assessment. 

Nearly all MC employees are expected to work remotely until further notice. This includes casual temporary employees, student assistant and Federal Work Study students. A select number of employees, due to their job duties, will need to physically report to a College location (e.g., campus, office) to fulfill critical tasks.

Senior vice presidents, in consultation with the administrators in their areas, will identify these critical positions and the conditions in which employees are expected to physically report (e.g., frequency, days, times). These individuals will be notified in writing if they are so designated.

Employees who have not been notified that they are expected to physically report to a College location are expected to work remotely.

In this section are important guidance highlights of MC's policies for employees during remote work caused by the pandemic. For full information and resources to assist employees and their families in dealing with circumstances resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak, review the HR Employee Assistance page

Employee Topics

COVID-19 Reporting

Any positive COVID-19 test results, possible exposures, or other concerns must be reported to Public Safety at 240-567-3333 or All reports are confidential. Response actions will be initiated by Environmental Safety. See Testing, Tracing, and Reporting for information on confirmed cases and contact tracing at MC.

Access to Work Locations

Employees not on the list of approved on-site work schedules must make arrangements with their supervisors about visiting campuses. Please see the Health and Safety Guidance and read the COVID-19 Interim Requirements for On-Site Work document (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.) if returning to your work location.

Benefits Services

Information and resources to assist employees and their families in dealing with circumstances resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak are available on the HR Employee Assistance page.

Questions regarding employee benefits coverage should be sent to the HRBenefits@montgomerycollege.edunew window email, which will be monitored daily.

Casual/Temporary Staff, Student Assistants/Aides, and Federal Work Study Students

  • Casual temporary staff and student aides who are working will only report, and receive pay for, actual hours worked - administrative leave will no longer be granted for these employees.
  • Student Federal Work Study assignments will continue to be managed through Matt Hicks in the Office of Student Financial Aid. He can be reached at
  • Requests to hire new student aides are limited to those that provide and/or support instruction, student services, essential administrative functions, or are paid through a grant. These requests require the approval of the unit administrator and HRSTM.
  • No new casual temporary staff will be hired as MC employees. The HRSTM Talent Acquisition and Employment team will provide options for filling needs not met through the Talent Share program.

Essential Personnel

Recently, both the state and the county have taken action to implement special pay for the performance of their essential services.  On April 10, 2020, the Montgomery Government announced that it would pay certain employees (non-first responders) who are required to report onsite an additional $3.00 per hour, retroactive to March 29.  Effective April 1, the State of Maryland instituted a COVID-19 Response Pay differential of $3.13 per hour. 

Therefore, effective May 2, 2020, the College will discontinue the current practice of issuing EPP and will implement a Special Shift Pay (SSP) at a rate of $3.00 per hour for hours worked on campus. This is consistent with what the state and county are providing their workforce. This SSP will be paid to all regular and casual temporary employees who are unable to perform any of their work remotely and are required to physically report to campus to fulfill their primary job duties. These employees will receive SPP for the hours they are scheduled to work onsite while the College is in full-time remote operation status. For more information, read the 5-1-2020 memo, "Implementation of Special Shift Pay and Discontinuation of Essential Personnel Pay (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.) ."

Any questions regarding Special Shift Pay (SSP) and time reporting can be sent to: payroll@montgomerycollege.edunew window

Leave Reporting and Leave Provisions 

For non-COVID-related circumstances, the College’s leave policy and procedures are in effect as usual as of April 3. College employees will accrue and be able to use the various types of leave afforded to them for the usual reasons via the usual approval process. See Policy and Procedure 35003 (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.) for regular use of leave. 

Under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), the College provides leave options for employees including COVID-19 related sick leave and Family and Medical Leave for COVID-19. See HR COVID-19 Employee Assistance for details.

Employees or supervisors who have questions regarding this should email for guidance and assistance.

Resources and Support for Employees

The Office of Human Resources and Strategic Talent Management (HRSTM) will be operational with supervisors and staff working remotely.  The central phone line (240-567-5353) will be monitored Monday through Friday during normal office hours (8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.).  Additionally, the central HRSTM email (HRSTM@montgomerycollege.edunew window) will be closely monitored. During regular business hours employees should expect to receive an acknowledgement within one hour and a response within one business day of receipt of the email.

Please visit the HRSTM Points of Contact page on the HRSTM website for a list of HRSTM staff contacts by topic.

  • Tools for teleworking with documents are available, including Zoom, OneDrive, and VPN. See OIT's Work from Home page for usage information and support.
  • Remote Working – Guidelines and Suggestions from ELITE
  • Employees do not need to put an “Out of Office” message on their email. If not on leave and working remotely, employees should respond to email as they would normally.
  • While working remotely, employees should ensure that voice messages are being forwarded to their College email account. This is preferred to forwarding the office phone to a cell phone.
  • While working remotely, employees should default to their office’s regular working hours schedule unless they are ill or caring for someone who is (in which case they should alert their supervisors to changes in schedule).
  • Student workers will still be able to work. They should be in touch with their supervisor about altered duties.

Technology and Supply Requests for Remote Work

Read the Purchase Guidelines for Office Supplies During Emergency Remote Work (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.) which outlines requirements needed for ordering either technology or office supplies during remote work. Fill out the Order Form (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.) to request necessary items. 

Time Sheet Guidance

We encourage employees and supervisors to complete, submit, and approve time sheets as early as possible.  

Effective May 2, 2020, all regular full and part-time staff, casual temporary staff, and student aides/assistants should report any hours for which they are scheduled and budgeted to work, but unable to perform these duties in a remote environment, as Administrative Leave (ADM). Reporting ADM leave will not impact the employee’s pay. All other hours should be reported as appropriate. Federal Work Study students should continue to report their hours as they were scheduled/budgeted to work each pay period. View the latest memo on timesheet guidance (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.) .

Vacancies and Recruitment

  • No external recruitment efforts will be started. All previously approved positions that are not in active recruitment will continue to remain on “hold” until further notice. This includes full-time faculty, staff, and administrator positions. Exceptions may be considered under extremely limited and specific circumstances, such as positions needed to address critical health, safety, and compliance requirements. Any exceptions will be reviewed and approved by SVP, Administrative Fiscal Services upon the recommendation of the division’s senior vice president (SVP) or chief of staff/chief strategy officer and the chief human resources officer. 
  • Grant or alternate funded positions are not subject to current restrictions because the funding source is outside of our operating budget and will be permitted to proceed with recruitment and hiring. 
  • The hiring of new part-time faculty is not subject to the hiring freeze and will be permitted. 

Work Assignments

Given these circumstances, the College is temporarily suspending the eligibility and the application and approval process outlined in the College’s Flexible Work Arrangements procedure (3200CP). We recognize that not all positions are suitable for telecommuting and that during this period some employees may not be able to accomplish all of their usual job duties in a remote setting. Employees may be asked to take on other tasks or may be assigned other work that is not part of their usual job duties. In these remarkably unusual circumstances, we ask our employees to be flexible, patient, and understanding—and work with their supervisors to do their best to work remotely.

The College is actively working to limit the spread of COVID-19 and unnecessary visits to campus undermine these efforts. Our primary responsibility is to safeguard the health of our employees, students, and community during this public health emergency. Thank you for your cooperation.