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Students are champions of their own learning and support learning of their peers.

Students Helping Students

Working together through the Peer2Peer Program builds positive relationships and enhances your College experience beyond the classroom.

The Peer2Peer Program offers:

  • Leadership experience out of the classroom
  • Student employment opportunities
  • Support, encouragement, and connection to College resources.

We support each other through three initiatives: Peer Advocates, Peer Educators, and Peer Navigators. That means we'll be there to help students become part of campus communities in a way that makes them feel welcome and reassures them they fit in. Together, we promote student success, both for those seeking help and those offering it.  Your participation will foster leadership skills that will be useful to you beyond your time in college.  Some roles even offer monetary compensation in addition to the other benefits.

Become a Peer Student Leader

To get started, choose the role that best suits you.