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The Teaching and Learning Committee

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The Teaching and Learning Committee, part of the College’s Student Success Network, aims to engage both full-time and part-time faculty in transforming teaching and learning. Grounded in providing opportunities for pedagogical leadership, the TLC focuses on supporting the advancement of the College’s mission and supporting plans, including MC 2025. Furthermore, the committee members will serve as data ambassadors to foster the culture of evidence at MC and advance the Faculty Pathways framework so that all faculty are successful from pre-boarding to retirement.

Composition of the committee includes the Office of E-learning, Innovation and Teaching Excellence Faculty Associates, an instructional designer, a dean, a department chair, a counselor, and a Workforce Development and Continuing Education representative. Meetings, held monthly throughout the Academic Year, are chaired by Dr. Denise Simmons-Graves, Dr. Shinta Hernandez and Dr. Michael Mills, all members of the Student Success Network.


Framework of Faculty Pathways, Student Success, and Institutional Growth

This framework is designed to show how all full time Montgomery College faculty can have a clearer roadmap as they progress through their time at the institution.

teaching & learning committee framework timeline

This model suggests that with an intentionally re-focused direction for faculty that is grounded in nationally recognized competencies, greater student success and institutional growth will likely follow. This model is based on understanding the composition of Montgomery County and Montgomery College. Thus, the framework emphasizes the importance and urgency of institutional transformation, mindset and culture shifts, improvement in access and affordability, increase in equitable opportunities, forward-thinking philosophies, relevant pedagogies, and discipline-based activities, all the while ensuring efficiency and effectiveness both inside and outside of the classroom.

View the Framework of Faculty Pathways, Student Success, and Institutional Growth document (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader - Link opens in new window) .

full time faculty guided pathway

More Information

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Each semester, full-time faculty in their first, second, and third year at Montgomery College sign up for one workshop series in the Academy for Teaching Transformation. (Adjunct faculty welcome)

During the Fall 2021 semester, ELITE offers five different workshop series for faculty.

Once registered for a series, participants are expected to attend all three sessions of that series on the designated afternoons listed throughout the semester. 

Please contact Dr. Carolien Annink for information.

Fall 2021 Academy Brochure (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader - Link opens in new window) .

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  • Natalya Bah, WDCE Part Time Faculty
  • Shelly Caldwell-Bennett, Counseling Faculty
  • Dr. Sarah Campbell, Humanities Department Chair
  • Tom Cantu, Instructional Designer
  • Dr. Monique Davis, Dean, Health Sciences, Health and Physical Education
  • Dr. Shinta Hernandez, Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice Department Chair and TLC Chair
  • Dr. Sara Kalifa, Biology Faculty
  • Dr. Michael Mills, Vice President of ELITE and TLC Chair
  • Dr. Mary Robinson, English Faculty
  • Emily Rosado, English Faculty
  • Dr. Denise Simmons-Graves, Counseling Faculty and TLC Chair
  • Corinne Smith, Health Information Management Faculty
  • Mitch Tropin, Communications Part Time Faculty