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Engineers Without Borders - Montgomery College Student Chapter


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Engineers Without Borders

EWB stands for Engineers Without Borders. EWB-USA is a non-profit humanitarian organization dedicated to partnering with developing communities around the world. We provide engineering services through our volunteer chapter members to implement the infrastructure necessary to meet basic human needs. Through our sustainable engineering projects, we strive to improve the quality of life in the communities we serve. Thousands of members in more than 225 universities and professional chapters work to support these efforts. 



The purpose of our club is to support community driven programs worldwide with collaboration of local partners to design and implement sustainable engineering projects.


We work on the same projects as the Washington DC Professional Chapter.  We support the Panama project by fundraising, participating in the design process, and running workshops on construction techniques and solar power.
We are also working with the student chapters at Howard University and Catholic University.
For more information about the DC Chapter, visit: Engineers Without Bordersnew window.


A crucial part of expanding our technology-heavy society is to get more people interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). We present scientific demonstrations to people of any ages, especially children, to get them informed and interested in STEM careers and occupations. If you would like us to present a demonstration at an event, please write to us in the Contact Us tab, and we will get back to you!



Panama Project
Hato Rincón is a mountain community located in the Comarca (legal territory) of the Ngöbe-Buglé, the original people of Western Panama (population 110,080). This region of Panama has been historically marginalized by the Panamanian Government and receives very few public services. The primary needs of this community include access to educational opportunities through computers and the internet, access to electricity, improved healthcare services, and better housing. EWB-DC has partnered with the people of Hato Rincón to address these community needs in an initiative called CREER (Centro de Recursos Educativos en Rincon). 
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Washington DC Project
Washington, DC
The 11th Street Bridge Park community garden at Allen Chapel in Southeast DC is growing and needs volunteers. The garden is a key part of the local community, providing fresh food for residents and education on gardening and healthy nutrition. This project aims to increase the capacity of the garden while also making it safer and more accessible for everyone.
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Cameroon Project
Nestled in the mountains of the Cameroon’s Northwest region, the rural village of Mbokop is home to roughly 2,200 people from three primary tribes speaking three main languages, and following two major religions. The population of Mbokop is spread across five settlements. This diverse community primarily supports itself through subsistence farming and herding livestock, but lacks basic services such as safe drinking water, proper sanitation, and electricity. In July of 2022 the Cameroon team completed construction of the gravity fed water system with the construction of two tap stands in the town center.
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Help Montgomery College EWB Student Chapter make a difference in the world. By donating to EWB, you are helping us to improve the quality life in developing villages. The donation will also help students further their experiences in Engineering through designing and implementing sustainable engineering projects like providing safe water, building a school or clinic, designing irrigation systems, constructing bridges or providing power.

Engineers Without Borders USA and the Montgomery College Foundation are both 501(c)3 non-profit (tax-deductible) organizations. You can donate to the Montgomery College Foundation Fund to support the community college students at Montgomery College. This funds helps defray the costs the students have to pay for travel and accommodations when they implement the project. Most of our students do not have the resources to cover these costs. These funds are accounted for under the rules of the Montgomery College Foundation and can only be used on receipts of expenses that support our students.

Donate online to Engineers Without Borders Montgomery College Chapternew window

Fill out the information required and select "Other" in the Donor Designation/Giving Options and type "EWBMC" in the box.