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Real Estate, Licensure, Appraisals, and CEUs

Real Estate Salesperson showing a house
Real Estate Licensure, Continuing Education Units (CEUs), and  Appraisals

Are you interested in becoming a licensed Real Estate salesperson, appraiser, or are you in need of continuing education hours? Let us support your needs.

Real Estate Licensure Courses

  • REB010 – Basic Real Estate Principles and Practices for Salespersons
  • REB142 – Real Estate Basic Principles Retest

Real Estate Continuing Education Courses/CEUs. 

Are you a licensed Realtor and need CEUs? Not all courses are offered every semester, and new courses are added periodically. Check the schedule for the most current listings. 

  • REC127 – ABC’s of Selling a House
  • REC034 – Buying/Selling Foreclosure Properties
  • REC195 – Contracts and Offers to Purchase
  • REC012 – Ethics: Predatory Lending/Flipping
  • REC035 – Evaluating/Financing the Fixer-Upper
  • REC173 – Fair Housing
  • REC191 – MREC Agency-Residential
  • REC192 – MREC Required Supervision
  • REC149 – Real Estate Legislative Update
  • REC189 – Rental, Renters, and Landlords
  • REC182 – Understanding and Using Short Sales

Real Estate Appraisal Courses

These courses are usually offered only in the spring. Check the schedule for the most current listings. 

  • REC175 – Basic Appraisal Principles
  • REC176 – Basic Appraisal Procedures
  • REC069 – RE: Appraisal Standards and Ethics