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Computer Skills, Programming and More!

Computer Programming Summer Camps

Start with the basics and master the keyboard. How about learning basic Computer Programming? More advanced programming languages include  Introduction to Java Programming and Python. Try your hand at Web Design and publish your site. Are you already somewhat familiar with programming? Put your skills to use and go on to the next steps and learn to program/code your robots.    Black Rocket Camps* and Goldsmith Education Camps^ are full of STEM. Computer Programming and Coding are essential skills to master to control your robots, make your first video games, code your own adventure/ interactive story.  Special computer software will allow you to create a stop action film that can display on your mobile device.  So many camps to choose from!

 To help you plan we have provided a listing of the camps, course descriptions, ages, and dates of the classes.  Questions? Contact the Youth Programs Director. Visit the Youth Summer online schedule for more information about schedule/costs/online registration.

Summer Camps:

To help you plan, visit the "At a Glance Schedule". This lists the camps by title, grade level, dates and times.