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Student Clubs

Engineering, Physical, and Computer Sciences Department - Rockville Campus

If you are interested in joining one of our clubs, feel free to attend a meeting or contact the faculty advisor.

AeroSpace Club

The AeroSpace Club (ASC) is open to all MC students who are interested in aerospace simulation AND model building of interactive drones, airplanes, rockets, etc. 

 The students decide on the direction that the club takes.  A student does not have to be a STEM major and all students, especially majoring in any of the STEM fields, will gain valuable practical hands-on experience.

Students are also encouraged to be student members of professional societies in order to become familiar with current developments and technologies. For example, The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronauticsnew window (AIAA) and the Experimental Aircraft Associationnew window

Faculty Advisor: to be determined

Astronomy Club

The MC Stargazers astronomy club is open to any student interested in observational astronomy.

Students in the club spend time learning how to use the college's telescopes as well as instrumentation for astrophotography. A student does not need to have taken an astronomy course to be part of the club.

Participation in observatory guest nights
Education and public outreach including solar observing and special astronomical events

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Carrie Fitzgerald

Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

MC is the only community college with a full chapter in EWB-USA. 

The mission of the Engineers Without Borders student chapter at Montgomery College is to partner with disadvantaged communities in developing countries through the implementation of sustainable engineering projects, while seeking to train internationally responsible engineering students.

We are the only community college with a full chapter in EWB-USA.  See our official chapter agreement here.

See the EWB-MC club webpage for meeting dates and times, contact information, and more. 

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Craig T. Garrison-Mogren

Geoscience Club

The Geoscience Club welcomes all students interested in the geosciences.

The club organizes field trips to mineral-collecting sites, caves, and other geologic attractions as well as visits to local museums. Club members do not need to have taken a geology course to participate.

Hikes, mineral-collecting trips, caving, and other field trips
Museum visits
Rock and mineral identification in the geology lab

Staff Advisor: Brennan Ferguson

IEEE MC Student Branch

IEEE is the premier professional organization for engineers of all fields.

The mission of the IEEE MC student branch is to provide a gateway for prospective engineers at Montgomery College to become part of an international engineering community as well as gain invaluable knowledge and experience. This gateway is provided through various activities whereby members can to work directly with technology, gain experience through working as a team to accomplish a common goal, meet professionals in the field, and speak with successful alumni. The aim of this organization is that through these activities our members will be able to become active participants in the engineering community.

Weekly engineering and technology workshops year-round
Participation in IEEE Seminars and conferences
Participation in robotics and other engineering competitions nationwide

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Lan Xiang

MC Engineering Club

The mission of the MC Engineering Club (MCEC) is to provide an exciting learning environment that promotes the love for and interest in engineering related subjects.

MCEC strives to achieve this by organizing seminars several engineering fields, as well as field trips to highly reputable governmental and industrial engineering institutions such as the National Institutes of Standards and Technology.

Organization of bi-weekly engineering seminars during the fall and spring semesters
Field trips to well-known engineering institutions

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Lan Xiang

MC ACM Student Chapter

The Montgomery College ACM Student Chapter is part of the International Association for Computing Machinery's student society which provides opportunities for students to build and develop their passion for Computer Science.

The chapter brings the MC community together to network, learn, and share their knowledge of computers, computing technology, and related careers.  The chapter organizes a variety of activities bringing students together to work collaboratively, meet with prominent alumni and professionals in the field, and explore new and innovative technologies. 

Weekly meetings & Discord server
Seminars and workshops on computing careers and technologies
Participation in hackathons and programming competitions

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Sandro Fouche and Dr. Alla Webb

Quantum Club

The Quantum Computing Club is open to all students and meets on the Rockville campus.

Quantum computing (QC) is a rapidly growing area of research and innovation that will revolutionize all advanced communications and computing fields, greatly increasing the speeds of computing, data encryption, and data analysis.  With QC, traditional bits are replaced by qubits, harnessing the peculiar properties of quantum physics to process vast amounts of data and solve complex problems in the blink of an eye.  
At the Quantum Computing Club, we want to learn about quantum information technology, do programming projects in Qiskit (one of the emerging quantum programming languages), and have a good time learning together. Our meetings include insightful lectures, hands-on workshops, and collaborative brainstorming sessions.  It is not necessary to have taken any computer science or physics classes to be part of the club.  
Whether you're a curious newbie or a quantum enthusiast, our doors are open to everyone. 

  • Lectures about quantum computing and quantum information
  • Quantum computing workshops and quantum programming projects

Faculty Advisor: Rich Szwerc

Raptors Who Code

Raptors Who Code is open to anyone with an interest in programming, software/app development, game development, or the greater world of technology.  

Raptors Who Code is a club for anyone in a tech field—or anyone interested in one—to dive deeper into the world of programming and computers. We aim to help our members build their personal portfolios by making social connections, holding tech-related talks, attending hack-a-thons, and providing a positive, friendly environment for you to learn.

Attend hack-a-thons and build projects
Work on programs outside of school 
Portfolio-building workshops
Presentations from professionals in the tech field

Faculty Advisor: Alla Webb

Robotics Club

The mission of the Montgomery College Robotics Club is to provide its members with an opportunity to gain experience.

In order to successfully design and build a functional robot, club members must work with a diverse group of people, plan ahead, work on a budget, deal with deadlines, and learn to use and implement new technology. In order to see a project to completion, members must also learn to deal with any problems as they arise without becoming discouraged and giving up. This experience is essential to developing a strong foundation on which to build the work values and ethic members will need to become successful professionals.

Participation in robotics competitions nationwide
Summer sports/outdoor activities

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Alex Hou

Women in Engineering Science and Technology (WEST)

The mission of Women in Engineering Science and Technology (WEST) is to increase the participation of women in science and engineering-related careers.

 WEST accomplishes its mission by inviting highly successful female scientist and engineers to encourage and mentor up-coming students who indicate interest in such careers. The club also organizes engineering workshops that attract women to the field of engineering.

Organization of bi-weekly engineering seminars during the fall and spring semesters
Field trips to well-known engineering institutions

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Wendy He