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Student Life and Scholars in the News

Montgomery Scholars Program

Student Life

Montgomery Scholars at picnic
Class of 2020 Montgomery Scholars at our picnic.

A Circle of Friends

We know that college life means more than classes and research. It means chatting with your professors over a cup of coffee, debating politics with faculty and friends, sharing news, swapping views, and unwinding after an intense all-day session.

During your two years in the Montgomery Scholars program, you’ll have many opportunities to “unwind” with your fellow Scholars. On campus and off, at planned events and at spontaneous gatherings, you’ll experience the camaraderie that has become the special hallmark of the Scholars program.


Annual Picnic in the Park

In May of every year, Scholars and honors faculty celebrate the end of the school year at a picnic in the park with good food and conversation. Scholars who have graduated and transferred to four year colleges and universities return each year to catch up with one another, meet new Scholars and share updates and special news.


Campus Leaders

The Scholars are active in clubs and activities at Montgomery College and have become a vital part of campus life. Scholars have been involved in a variety of student organizations, including the Latino Student Union, Student Senate, Advocate newspaper, Philosophy Club, Ambassadors, and WEST (Women in Engineering and Technology). Scholars have served as leaders on campus, such as editor of the Red Jacket literary magazine, vice-president of the Student Senate, president of the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society, and student member of the Board of Trustees. Scholars also have participated on the soccer, tennis, and volleyball athletic teams. From tutoring, to photography, to sports…the Scholars thrive on campus.


Service Learning

Students complete Service Learning in the first two years of the program and during summer study. Our students have volunteered at daycares, group homes, science days at the Rockville campus, Habitat for Humanity, Falling Whistles, Bikes for the World, environmental cleanup days, and many more including abroad.


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