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Serious Games: Not Just for Entertainment

Internet game and simulation technology is increasingly being used for education, training, advocacy and advertising. Role-playing simulations and other specialized "games" are used to train students, educators, businesses, government officials, and soldiers.

For example, the federal government spends millions of dollars on game technology for military and homeland security applications. Firefighters and police use game technology to practice dealing with high-intensity emergency response situations. Medical students train on interactive 3D simulations instead of live patients. Pilots fly in aircraft simulators before flying real planes. News media recreate current events using game and simulation technology. And the advertising industry makes complex 3D virtual experiences to sell products and services. MC students are getting on the job experience creating serious gamesnew window

How Big Is the Gaming Industry?

According to the ESA, "Video games are also a strong engine for economic growth. In 2013, the industry sold 160 million games and generated more than $21 billion in revenue, $7.2 billion of which came from purchases of digital full games and add-on content, mobile apps, subscriptions, and social network gaming. Computer and video game companies directly and indirectly employ more than 140,000 people in 36 states." For more facts and figures on the multi-billion dollar Entertainment Gaming Industry, please see the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) website. 

Local Game Companies 

Maryland is considered by some to be the East Coast hub of the gaming and simulation industry. According to Maryland Interactive Technologies, "Already Maryland boasts the largest cluster of entertainment software companies on the East Coast."  An industry survey by Game Developer Magazine found that Maryland is the number one East Coast state for game developers. 

Please note that the lists below may be out of date as new game-related companies join the industry. 

AAI Corporation
Absolute Quality
Aeon Electronic Entertainment, Inc.
Anvil Studio
AT Kid Systems
Artistech, Inc
Avantium Technologies
Bean Creative (Flash games)
The Berndt Group
Bethesda Softworks
Big Huge Games
Blue Omega
BreakAway Games
Claymore Audio
Cryophyte Entertainment
Day 1 Studios
Digital Magnet
Digital Velocity, LLC
Discovery Communications, Inc.

EelTail Interactive
Epic Games (started in Rockville, now in NC) 
Firaxis Games
Five Forks
Gene Logic
Genex Technologies
Gentle Revolution Software
Ghostlight Collective
GMA Industries, Inc
GSE Systems, Inc.
Heatherstone Digital Solutions
HeroEngine/Idea Fabrik
Immersion Medical
Intense Entertainment Interactive
Interact Accessories
Leaping Lizard Software
Legendary Studios

Meyer/Glass Interactive
Micro Focus
Nemetschek NA Inc
OpenPath Products
OPNET Technologies, Inc.
Powergrid Fitness
Random Soft
Red Aphid
Shadow Realm Games
Skye Boat Games
Strategic Solutions Group
Take One Digital Media Works
Vertis Inc.
Vir2L Studios
Vision Videogames
Will Interactive
Zenimax Media
Zenimax Online Studios

Antic Games, Inc.
Nikan Hills Media (formerly CyPR Media)
Dynamic Animation Systems, Inc. (DAS)
Fourth Wave
Health Management Consultants of VA
Infinite Ventures, Inc.
Qwato Interactive Studios
Paradigm Interactive
Qove Studios
SouthPeak Interactive

Here are a few of the many games made in Maryland or Virginia: 

Airport Tycoon
Axis & Allies
The Battleground Series
Bridging the Divide (to teach players about International debt relief)
The Campaign Series
Cleopatra: The Official Pharaoh Expansion
Dark Age of Camelot (VA)
Eurofighter Typhoon
Green Berets
Hidden & Dangerous

Oblivion, Skyrim
Operational Art of War
Railroad Tycoon
Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
Sid Meier's Civilization I, II, III
Sid Meier's Civil War Collection
Sid Meier's SimGolf
Silent Hunter
Space Station: SIM
Tropico: Trouble in Paradise
Unreal (Epic was once located in Rockville, MD)
Villainy, Inc (Web game)
Waterloo: Napoleon's Last Battle