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Alumni Board, Committees, and Staff

In late May our Association members elected the newest members Alumni Association Board. We wish to congratulate all of those who have accepted the nomination to the board.

Board of Governors

Remy Alvarez ’15 is a recent graduate of Towson University. She has volunteered at the Dogfish Head Alehouse fundraiser.

Upneet Atwal ’16 has worked at the Montgomery County Council and the Montgomery County Planning Department. He serves on the Association’s mentoring committee, working to help current MC students achieve their professional and personal goals. 

Lumnwi Audrey Awasom ’16 is the founder and CEO of Noble Uprising, a nonprofit that empowers women experiencing homelessness in the community. She is working to launch an ACES alumni chapter.

Richard Beall ’71 is a contractor sales representative with Tri State Stone in Bethesda and Silver Spring. He currently coordinates a new-member engagement project.

Paula Bostic ’95, Retiree, serves with the Retirees Chapter as a content coordinator for Retiree communications and has represented the Association in formal outreach to new members.

Liz Brandenburg ’08, Retiree, served for 45 years at the College, retiring as a biology lab coordinator in 2014. She currently is vice chair of the legislative committee.

Stephen Campanella ’76, Retiree, was a master carpenter in the Theatre Arts program at Rockville. He is vice chair of the Association’s nominating committee.

Carole S. Carlson ’94 is manager of accounting at Rights and Resources in Washington. She is the Association’s President.

Dr. Gwendolyn C. Dorsey ’76 has served as a volunteer mentor, team liaison, and committee member for the Association’s alumni mentoring program. She is vice chair of the mentoring committee.

Maureen F. Feely-Kohl ’86, Retiree, staffed the Takoma Park/Silver Spring art department until her retirement in 2017. She served on the Mobile Masterpieces committee, and she currently chairs the nominating committee.

Leila Gilbert-Rivera ’19 completed her MC studies as a Hillman Entrepreneurs student. She transferred to the University of Maryland for her bachelor’s degree in marketing. She has been active on the promotions team for the Alumni Association’s Dogfishing for MC Scholarships fundraiser, and she currently chairs the marketing committee.

Dr. Susan Hendricks ’87 is a retired senior lecturer, unit and Professional Development School coordinator for the University of Maryland’s art education undergraduate and graduate programs. She has volunteered with the programming and mentoring committees.  

Michael W. Jones ’85 is a senior graphic specialist and group supervisor under contract with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. He serves on the events and marketing committees.

Beri Kari-Fonge ’05 is a nursing instructor for Workforce Development and Continuing Education. She has been active in promoting the Association’s Nursing Chapter among her fellow nursing alumni. She serves on the mentoring committee.

Carol Leahy ’74 is president emerita of Adventure Theatre-MTC. She has chaired the Nominating and Scholarships committees and is a past President of the Association.

Genevieve Leary ’13 has volunteered with the Alumni Association office, and has assisted in outreach to members for project planning. She currently serves as the chair of the legislative committee.

Charles J. Overly ’06 is a real estate finance professional. He is a founding member of the Association’s Macklin Business Institute Alumni Chapter and a continuing volunteer in chapter activities. He is vice chair of the marketing committee.

Erin Pettenati ’82 works in biomedical sales and has volunteered with the Association’s #Dogfishing4MC and Ollie’s Subs fundraisers.

Bryan N. Phukan ’05 is a microcomputer technician pursuing a degree in wireless technology at Washington Adventist University. While studying at the Germantown campus, he was president of the Student Senate, and of the sleep apnea and computer clubs.

Jon Pointer ’89 is a swimming pool manager in Germantown. Jon is serving as First Vice President and chair of the executive committee.

Dawn Potosky ’81 is a professional photographer. She has served on the marketing and programming committees. She is Second Vice President and chair of the finance committee.

Anita Neal Powell ’79 is the president and chief executive officer of the Lincoln Park Historical Foundation. She is the author of several publications on local history and served on the Rockville Historic District Commission, which conferred historic status on George Washington Carver High School and Junior College, a sister institution to Montgomery College that operated in the 1950s. She has chaired the Association’s bylaws and nominating committees, and she is the assistant coordinator of the Association’s new-member engagement project.

Timothy Pulliam ’90 is a senior executive at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, leading their Division of Facilities and Security. He chairs the mentoring committee.

Cara Santucci ’16 is the director of outreach at GO Church and CEO/founder of Glüe. She participated in the Alumni Association’s mentoring program as a student and currently serves on the mentoring committee.

Janet Saros ’83, Retiree, was director of the Marriott Hospitality Center at Rockville. She has been a long-time partner supporting the Association’s Commencement day flower sales program. She is vice chair of the events committee.

Jane C. Smith ’76 is an independent consultant and a past director at Compusearch Software Systems. She obtained her MBA from the University of Maryland and is a member of the Montgomery County Commission for Women. She is the immediate past President of the Association.

Lori A. Thomas ’99 is a weight loss coach for Dr. Woodlan Weight Loss. She has led Association projects including the Dogfish Head Alehouse and Springfield Manor fundraisers, and she chairs the Association’s events committee.

Suzanne Thompson ’82 is a retired financial aid administrator for Capitol Technology University. She has served on several Association committees and projects, including programming projects, events, and mentoring.

Nathalie Vilson ’18 is an undergraduate student at Johnson & Wales University online, pursuing a bachelor's degree.  She has helped lead the silent auction team for the Dogfishing for MC Scholarships fundraiser. 

Dr. Lucy Vitaliti ’77 is a student-life professional focusing on service learning opportunities at Montgomery College. She is a past President of the Association and supported the Leggett Legacy Forward event in Fall 2018.

Pricilla Walker ’03 is an administrative aide in the Visual Arts Department at the Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus.  She has been a staff sponsor of the Africa Club, volunteers each year at Commencement, and has worked on Staff Appreciation Day. She chairs the Association’s scholarships committee.

Association Committees


The awards committee works to identify and recommend candidates for the Milton F. Clogg Outstanding Alumni Achievement Award, the Rising Star Young Alumni Recognition Award, along with new members of the Athletic Hall of Fame. Past athletic and alumni honorees are encouraged to serve on this committee.


The bylaws committee reviews governing documents of the Association and Board. Reviews occur at least once every four years.


The finance committee makes recommendations to the Board regarding policies relating to the financial management of the Association and formulates the budget. The committee reviews financials for the Association and ensures compliance with disclosure requirements.


The legislative committee coordinates alumni advocacy efforts on behalf of the Association.


The marketing committee coordinates the Association’s public awareness campaign. These efforts include communications, membership benefits, outreach to recent alumni and current students as well as social media.


The nominating committee identifies and facilitates the recruitment of qualified candidates willing to serve on the Board. The committee also recommends for Board approval an Association member to serve on the Citizens’ Nominating committee for members of the Board of Trustees.


Greg Enloe serves as the Director of Alumni Relations and the Executive Director of the Montgomery College Alumni Association.

John Libby, ’80, Alumni Services Manager, has served the alumni association for 15 years and is a former MCAA president. John handles the alumni relations office budget and manages data mining and entry and updates to alumni databases. He supports several alumni board committees and develops and publishes all alumni communications.