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Governor Moore Names Montgomery College Student in Speech

We were thrilled that an MC student was acknowledged in Governor Moore’s state of the state speech on Wednesday.

“Jefferson Vasquez-Reyes, an 18-year-old MC student, is in his second semester and a member of the TP/SS student senate. His parents are Salvadoran and were unable to finish their education due to war and poverty. As a child he served as an interpreter for his mother and grandmother, who were hospitalized frequently, and realized that there were few Latino doctors –about six percent according to his research. When his grandmother was hospitalized in 2019, she refused care until a Latino doctor spoke with her in Spanish and gained her trust as he related: “I knew my responsibility was to bridge the gap so others could experience the same. I decided to start this path at MC,” he said. Jefferson was supported in his first semester costs by scholarships from the MC Foundation, MC BOT, and Herb Block Foundation.

You can read Governor Moore's full address here.