Assessment for Course Placement

Students at Montgomery College, including high school students seeking to take college courses, will be required to meet all assessment and prerequisite requirements for each course sought. 

Montgomery College uses a variety of methods for determining course placement, including the SAT, ACT, AP and previous high school or college coursework. However, for most students, initial course placements are determined by scores from the Collegeboard ACCUPLACER test.  MC uses the ACCUPLACER test as an indicator of College readiness and  to help students identify areas in need of skill development.  Dually enrolled students may only enroll in college level credit courses and may not enroll in developmental courses or courses that combine developmental and college level work.

Starting April 1, 2019 Montgomery College has implemented the Next-Generation ACCUPLACER.  More information can be found at the MC Assessment Center webpage.  Your Next-Gen reading score must be 237+ to be eligible for Dual Enrollment.

In accordance with College policy, all ACCUPLACER, SAT and ACT scores will remain part of the student's permanent college record  and will be used to determine eligibility to take a course through Dual Enrollment as well as  future course placement at MC after HS graduation.   

 Can I be exempt from taking the ACCUPLACER test?

Yes.  Students may be exempt from taking the ACCUPLACER by providing minimum qualifying scores from the following assessment and placement options: 

Placement MathBenchmark English Benchmark Reading Benchmark


530+ Math

480+ Evdc Bsd Rdg/Writ OR 26+Rdg Subtest 480+ Evdc Bsd Rdg/Writ OR 26+Rdg Subtest


21+ Math

21+ Rdg

21+ Rdg


Based on select HS coursework Based on select HS coursework Based on select HS coursework


Course assessment waivers may also be granted (and in some cases, credit awarded) on the basis of scores on specific CLEP, and Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate, or Tech Prep.

Please review the MC placement test exemption criteria for a full list of placement exemptions, and instuctions on how to submit qualifying placement scores to the College.  

Alternate Placement Program (APP)

In accordance with Montgomery College's partnership with Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS), course performance in select classes may qualify you to take College Courses through the Alternate Placement Program (APP).  MCPS students earning a 'B' or better in their final semester of Honors English 12, AP Language/Composition, Modern World History or Algebra II qualifies them for APP.  The APP is applied via an automated process; it operates year round and can never adversely effect student placement.   Contact your MCPS DEPA or email for more information.


To determine your English assessment level and placement:

  • if your first language is American English or you have attended a U.S. school for 10 or more years (elementary, middle, high school), you will take the Accuplacer placement test. 
  • Otherwise, you will take the ESL ACCUPLACER placement test designed for students who speak American English as a second (or subsequent) language.

All students take the math section of the ACCUPLACER to determine the appropriate math assessment level and placement.

Where Do I take the Test?

MCPS Students:  The ACCUPLACER/ESL exam is administered at your  high school  on scheduled dates.  Students should check with their school's DEPA to obtain permission to test, the current testing schedule and next steps.   Students who do not test in the high school during the scheduled dates may obtain a Test Authorization Form to test at an assessment center on one of MC's three main campuses.  Authorizations will be provided by the MC Academic Coordinator through the DEPA . 

Non-MCPS Students: All other Maryland public school, home-schooled, private and out of state students must obtain a Test Authorization Form to test at an assessment center on one of MC's three main campuses.  Authorizations will only be provided by the MC Academic Coordinator. 

How Do I Prepare For the Test?

To prepare for the ACCUPLACER and ESL ACCUPLACER practice tests and for additional information go to: 


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