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FAQ and Resources

General Information

Dual Enrollment refers to an individual enrolled in credit-bearing college courses while still enrolled in high school.

Yes, any current high school student including MCPS and other Maryland public schools, private schooled, home schooled and out-of-state public schooled students may participate.

Yes, all students are fully admitted to Montgomery College and are enrolled in regular credit-bearing college courses.  Students follow the course curriculum and adhere to college standards like any other student enrolled at MC.

Beyond the general Dual Enrollmentnew window program, select degree and pathway programs are offered to qualified students looking to simultaneously graduate high school and earn an associate's degree.  Please note there is a separate application process for these programs.  Click the following links to learn more about the Early College (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader - Link opens in new window) , Middle Collegenew window and Jumpstartnew window degree and pathway programs at MC.

College Course Options

Students may generally enroll in any credit-bearing course where they have met the assessment and prerequisite levels. 

Whether you plan to attend MC after graduation or transfer the credits to another institution, MC Academic Coordinators and Counselors are available to provide guidance.  Dual Enrollment pathways also help to guide students in maximizing the credits earned and accelerate college completion.

It is up to your school  to determine whether HS credit will be awarded for the college course.  MCPS students will automatically earn HS credit unless they "refuse" the credit through the MCPS Dual Credit Refusal Form.  

Getting Registered

All high school students must follow the admission and registration procedures on the dual enrollment webpage.

Students under 18 without a HS diploma may not register for courses themselves.  The dual enrollment office will manage the course "request" and then register the student once they have completed all steps and met the program and course requirements.  The EP and UA holds are standard for dual enrollment students. is our online enrollment management software that allows us to manage and track the students enrollment process.  It is a tool that allows us to communicate between the college, school, student and parent.  It is not the students official college record

MyMC is the student's official online student account.  Students can find their official class registration/schedule, midterm/final grades, pay bills, obtain parking permits, etc.  

 Tuition, Fees and Financial Assistance

The cost varies depending on a number of factors including the number of credits, county residency, public/private school student and financial status.  See Tuition, Fees, and Financial Assistancenew window for more information.

Financial Aid is a term that generally refers to the federal FAFSA, which high school students are not eligible for, however, there is financial assistance provided by the college through the MC High School Grant.  Additionally, MCPS students may receive a discount on registration costs.  Click Tuition, Fees, and Financial Assistancenew window for more information.