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Jumpstart to College

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Montgomery College is offering an opportunity for students to invest in their future and get a jumpstart on their college degree and career! Watch our October 18th info session herenew window.  Jumpstart to College is available to all high school students, and enables students to earn college credit while still in high school.  Following a traditional high school curriculum initially, students progress and enroll in Montgomery College coursework during their junior and senior years of high school.  Students can progress at their own pace, working with Dual Enrollment Program Assistants (DEPA) to determine their ideal schedule and balance between high school and college coursework. 


To take an individual course through Jumpstart or to participate in the Jumpstart to College Pathway, students should be able to satisfy the admission requirements and regulations for the general Dual Enrollment Program.  


The Jumpstart to College Pathway is available to all qualified MCPS high school students.  Students should reach out to their MCPS DEPAnew window, who will assist in admission and registration each semester.  Students should also begin planning their Jumpstart by reviewing this sample pathway (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader - Link opens in new window) .  The attached sample shows how a student can earn 30 college credits before graduating high school.  


After reviewing their Jumpstart to College Pathway, students should follow the MCPS admission and registration procedures for the general Dual Enrollment program.  Admission to the program requires applying to MC, creating specific Dual Enrollment student accounts, having appropriate assessment scores/placement in place and reviewing available coursework and program benefits.  

Program Benefits

  • Engage in academically challenging college level work while still in high school.
  • Earn transferable college credits while still in high school – at no cost.
  • Participate in advanced course work as an alternative to AP or IB courses.
  • Smooth the transition to a 4- year college and college-level coursework.
  • Students are able to gain experience and familiarity with college professors and college level assignments.
  • College grades earned become part of the student's permanent MCPS transcript and are weighted in the high school g.p.a. in the same as AP and IB classes.
  • Allows student to remain at their home high school while enjoying a flexible college schedule of taking classes that may be delivered at the high school, on the college campus or through distance learning.
  • Students have access to over 400 college courses.
  • Students may wish to pursue a core pathway that may transfer to a 4-year institution.
  • Get a jumpstart on college career and explore your interests.

Contact Us

Additional information can be found on the Montgomery County Public Schools Dual Enrollment webpagenew window.  If you have additional questions about the Jumpstart to College Pathway, please email dualenrollment@montgomerycollege.edunew window for more information.