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Virtual Middle College Program

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  • Students, click HERE new windowfor the VMC interest form, due by November 5th.  
  • View the October 19th VMC Info session window

Virtual Middle College (VMC) is a joint MC and Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) academic initiative that allows qualified MCPS high school students the opportunity to enroll at Montgomery College, taking college credit courses to earn their high school diploma, while also earning a college degree through an online/virtual college experience.  Students from all MCPS high schools may participate in the Virtual Middle College Program, while still enrolled at their home MCPS high school. 

The college credits are earned through a combination of courses including online MC courses and MCPS Advanced Placement courses and corresponding AP exam scores.  Students are supported through a progressive transition from a traditional high school experience to online/virtual college courses.

Students are provided with dedicated college-readiness support including preparation for required college course assessment and placement. Beginning in grade 9 students will participate in pre-college activities and workshops as they matriculate through a designated Virtual Middle College pathway towards the online Associate’s degree and high school diploma.

Key Points To Know:

  • Students are admitted into one of the College’s fully online degree programs (listed below) to complete an Associate’s degree.
  • Students from all MCPS high schools may participate.
  • Students stay enrolled in their home high school and may also participate if enrolled in the MCPS Virtual Academy.
  • Students are registered for standard college courses taught online by Montgomery College professors.
  • Students do not attend college courses on any MC campus.
  • Students may continue to participate in regular high school activities while enrolled in VMC.

Fully Online College Degrees

The MC associate’s degree earned from each program is listed below along with the link to the department web page for additional information:

Admission Requirements

In order to be admitted and continue in the program all students must:

  • Be enrolled in an MCPS high school.
  • Complete the VMC Interest form, VMC Program Application  and MC admissions application by the posted deadlines.
  • Pass the science, mathematics, and English state assessments, when appropriate, but by the end of 10th grade. (Depending on the pathway, advanced placement exam scores may also be necessary).
  • Have an unweighted 2.75 high school GPA or higher at the time of application, and maintain that GPA throughout their enrollment in the program.
  • Remain in good standing at the high school and college level.

Application Process

  • Students complete the VMC Interest Form through ParentVue in the fall of either 8th or 9th grade by the deadline of November 5, 2021. This VMC Interest Form does not impact your high school of choice and is independent from that process.
  • Qualifying 9th graders completing the VMC Interest Form either in 9th grade or in the previous year in 8th grade, will be notified by email to complete the online VMC Application and MC admissions application by the deadline in the email and on the VMC website. These applications will be completed in the winter of 9th grade.
  • After the student completes the VMC Application, the parent, counselor, Dual Enrollment Program Assistant, and Principal will be notified and will be asked to submit their approval .  It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of their approvals in the online application system to ensure they are completed by the deadline.
  • Upon acceptance into the program, the MCPS DEPA and MC Middle College Coordinator will reach out to the student and provide orientation information.

**Information about applying to the Middle College program for the next available year will be sent mid-October via the MCPS Parent Portal.  All interest forms must be completed by November 5, 2021**

Tuition, Fees, and Financial Assistance 

  • Students are individually responsible for the cost of the degree program. 
  • Students will be registered in regular college courses and will be charged per credit/contact hour attempted.
  • Depending on the degree pathway, students may be enrolled in 35-60 college credit hours to complete the associate's degree. 
  • Under the College and Career Readiness and College Completion Act (CCRCCA) of 2013, dually enrolled students attending Maryland public high schools are not charged tuition for their first four college courses at MC during the fall, winter and spring terms. 
    • Students are charged and still responsible for all standard Montgomery College fees and textbooks associated with the college course. 
    • Students without demonstrated financial need are charged a fee by MCPS, as their Local Educational Agency (LEA), which will also appear on the bill and is collected  by MC on behalf of MCPS.
  • The total cost of all MC and LEA fees are less than the regular cost of MC tuition and fees. CCRCCA does not apply to students enrolled in college courses during the summer sessions.  
  • Financial assistance is available through an MC high school grant.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is the difference between the Middle College at Northwood and Northwest (MC2), and the Virtual Middle College program (VMC)?
    • College courses in the VMC are delivered entirely online, while those in the MC2 may be online, on the high school campus, or on the college campus. Additionally, only students attending Northwood or Northwest high schools may participate in MC2, students from any high school can participate in VMC.
  • Is the Virtual Middle College Program and the Virtual Academy the same thing?
    • No, the Virtual Middle College program is a dual degree program allowing students to be simultaneously enrolled in college and high school.  The Virtual Academy is an MCPS school that allows students to earn their high school diploma online. 
  • When can I apply to VMC?
    • Students may apply to VMC in 9th grade starting in the 2021-2022 school year. Students should contact their high school Dual Enrollment Program Assistant (DEPA) for details. A list of DEPAs by high school can be found HERE.
  • Do I have to be part of  the MCPS Virtual Academy, Northwood High School, or Northwest High School to participate in VMC?
    • No. Students enrolled in any MCPS high school, including the MCPS Virtual Academy, may apply to  participate in VMC in Grade 9.

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