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Degree and Pathway Programs

Student graduating from Middle College 2019

Montgomery College has expanded on its Dual Enrollment partnership with MCPS, in the form of its Early CollegeMiddle College and Jumpstart programs.  These programs offer an accelerated, rigorous and rewarding experience for high school students looking to simultaneously earn an associates degree along with their high school diploma.  Each program is currently offered to select MCPS high schools; more information can be found in the descriptions below.  MC is currently considering specialized degree pathway options for non-traditional High School students as well.  

Early College

The Early College program is an accelerated, advanced and rewarding program available to qualifying MCPS high school students wishing to simultaneously earn a high school diploma and associates degree.  Beginning their junior year of high school, students enroll full-time at Montgomery College.  Their MC coursework will also satisfy the remaining requirements for their high school diploma.  Visit the Early College webpage for detailed information on eligibility, requirements, and admission steps.

Middle College

The Middle College program is an accelerated learning program made possible through select partnerships at MCPS high schools.  Through advanced, integrated course sequencing students may be able to simultaneously graduate from high school with both a high school diploma and associates degree.  Students also experience a progressive transition, realizing the full college campus experience by their senior year of high school.  Visit the Middle College webpage for detailed information on eligibility, requirements and admission steps.

Jumpstart to College

Jumpstart to College is a Dual Enrollment opportunity made possible with the MC/MCPS partnership.  In addition to their high school curriculum, MCPS students can take an accelerated learning pathway at their own pace, earning as much as 30 college credits by the time they graduate high school.  Visit the Jumpstart to College webpage for detailed information on eligibility, requirements and admission steps.

Home School/Private School Pathways

Montgomery College encourages any high school student to earn college credit while still in high school using the general Dual Enrollment program.  In addition, several pathways are being considered to provide non-traditional high school students with clear pathways to in-demand and exciting degree choices.  Please check back soon for updates on our home and private school student pathway options.


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