Tuition, Fees, and Financial Assistance

Students are individually responsible for all Montgomery College tuition, fees, and textbook expenses.  

Tuition and fees vary, depending on the number of credit hours you take, your secondary school, and residency status. Students attending MCPS and other Maryland public high schools are eligible for a reduced rate during the fall, winter, and spring terms. 

The Montgomery College High School Grant is also available for Maryland residents with demonstrated need. This assistance may cover the cost of tuition, fees, and required textbooks depending on financial status, secondary school status, and availability of funds. Students MUST apply through MC in order to obtain the High School Grant. 

Tuition and Fees

MCPS and other Maryland Public School Students

Under the College and Career Readiness and College Completion Act (CCRCCA) of 2013, dually enrolled students attending Maryland public high schools are not charged tuition for their college courses at MC during the fall and spring terms. However, students are responsible for all Montgomery College fees and textbooks associated with the college course. Additionally, students without demonstrated financial need will be charged a fee by their Local Educational Agency (LEA), which will also appear on the MC bill and is collected on behalf of MCPS or other Maryland public schools. The total cost of all MC and LEA fees is less than the regular cost of MC tuition and fees. CCRCCA does not apply to students seeking college courses during the summer sessions. 

For more information, see Ways to Pay Your Montgomery College and MCPS Fees  (PDF, Download Acrobat Reader)  . 

Homeschooled, Private and Out of State Residents:

All non-Maryland state public school students are required to pay the regular rate of tuition and fees based on residency status. Students are also responsible for all required textbooks associated with the college course. 

For more information, see Ways to Pay Your Montgomery College Tuition and Fees  (PDF, Download Acrobat Reader)  for non-public school students.

Financial Assistance

Dual Enrollment students are not eligible for federal financial aid (i.e., FAFSA). However, students may be eligible for a Montgomery College High School Grant to cover portions of required tuition and fees. 

Download the general 2018-19 High School Grant Application and Instructions  (PDF, Download Acrobat Reader) .

For more information about these grant programs, please contact the MC scholarships office at 240-567-4021, or email


  • MCPS fees are not covered under the MC High School Grant. Students must be registered through MCPS in order to qualify for assistance to cover MCPS fees.
  • Outstanding financial balances must be paid before future registration is permitted, grades are released, or transcripts are issued. If your account has a cashier’s hold due to a prior balance and you pay by web or telephone, the hold will be released in approximately 24 hours.
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