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Tuition, Fees, and Financial Assistance

For Dual Enrollment Students

MCPS students are no longer being charged tuition for college courses, regardless of financial status. see below for details.


  • The Spring 2023 grant will be available on Monday October 31st.  Deadline to submit is January 13, 2023. 

See below for details.

Tuition and Fees

MCPS and other Maryland Public School Students

Beginning the 2023-24 academic year college courses will be at NO COST to the student. All college tuition, fees, textbooks and instructional supplies will be covered by MC and MCPS.  This includes Jumpstart, Early College and Middle College Programs.  

For more information, see Ways to Pay Your Montgomery College and MCPS Fees. 

Homeschooled, Private and Out of State Residents

All non-Maryland state public school students are required to pay the regular rate of tuition and fees based on residency status. Students are also responsible for all required textbooks associated with the college course. 

Financial Assistance

Dual Enrollment students are not eligible for federal financial aid (i.e., FAFSA) or the Maryland Promise Scholarship. However, students may be eligible for a Montgomery College High School Grant to cover portions of required tuition and fees.  

Summer college courses are not covered--however, financial assistance is available through an MC high school grant for the Jumpstart and Middle College programs for summer course registrations.

MC High School Grant Information

Spring 2023 HIGH SCHOOL GRANT is closed

Students currently enrolled in high school and seeking classes at Montgomery College (MC) may apply for a need-based grant depending on available funds under the provisions below.

Montgomery County Public School (MCPS) Students who are enrolled in college courses  may be eligible for funds that pay the cost of Montgomery College fees, and required textbooks for each course(s) per semester, depending on financial need and available funds. 

Montgomery County Home-School Residents and Non-MCPS Maryland State Residents attending a secondary school in Maryland who are enrolled in college courses may be eligible for funds that pay the cost of Montgomery College tuition, fees, and required books for each course per semester, depending on available funds. Student must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. Applicant, and their parents, must be permanent residents of Maryland.  Student must be attending a secondary school in Maryland or is a registered Montgomery County home-schooled student.

Grant Award Details

1.  ADMISSION AND ENROLLMENT: Student must be properly admitted to Montgomery College and approved to take courses through MC’s Dual Enrollment to be eligible.  Grant awards will not be confirmed and funds will not be applied until after student is registered for a course. Student must be registered in a course prior to submitting an application.

2.  ONLINE APPLICATION: Student must submit a separate online grant application for each semester they are requesting aid to be eligible for an award.   

3.  FINANCIAL STATUS:  Grant eligibility requires documented proof of a 2021 federal adjusted gross income of $100,000 or less (found on IRS Form 1040). Student is instructed to complete and submit the online application confirming that their household income is below $100,000.

4.  TAX FORMS: Students will submit the federal tax forms electronically through this application. DO NOT submit via mail, fax or e-mail. 

What tax information do you need?

  • The first two pages of the 1040 tax return, (State tax returns or W-2s are not accepted)
  • Tax return must have the student listed as a dependent
  • Tax return must be signed by the tax-filing parent, (If a student does not live with both parents, the custodial parent is the one the student lived with most during the past 12 months. If the custodial parent is remarried, the stepparent’s income must be included).  
  • Tax filer must sign tax return regardless of who prepared the tax document.  
  • Inaccurate or incomplete tax returns received will void the grant award and student will be responsible for the full cost of the course and textbooks.

VIEW SAMPLE TAX RETURN (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader - Link opens in new window)

5. NON-TAX FILERS:  If your parent/guardian does not file taxes please send an email to with an explanation and supporting documents.

The high school grant covers the cost of required textbooks for the course(s) listed on the student’s class schedule. 

  • Instructions on how to obtain textbooks will be e-mailed to each student once their grant is approved.
  • Course textbooks will be available to order online through the MC bookstore website only.
  • Students will get FREE ground shipping.  Student is responsible for expedited shipping and will be billed accordingly.
  • Textbooks must be ordered through the online bookstore by the posted deadline.  Late starting and summer classes will be ordered for the student by the dual enrollment office.
  • Student will not be reimbursed for textbooks purchased outside of the HS grant’s textbook pickup instructions and deadline for pickup.
  • The student is responsible for purchasing any items other than the required textbooks associated with the grant, including optional/suggested textbooks, apparel and school/computer/art/music supplies etc. 
  • Student must return the textbook to MC if they drop or withdraw from a course and may be financially responsible for a non-returned textbook.

Grant deadlines: The completed online High School Grant Application MUST be received by MC no later than:

  • Spring Classes- January 13th or 10 business days prior to start of class.

How to Apply

    • Student must fill out an ONLINE GRANT APPLICATION  for each semester they wish to apply to be eligible.  Upon completion an e-mail confirmation along with an electronic .pdf copy of their application will automatically be sent to the MC e-mail address provided.  
  • STEP TWO: 
    • Go to your MC e-mail address and confirm that you have received the e-mail confirmation and electronic .pdf copy of application.
    • The Montgomery College scholarships office will contact you with a decision letter by email to your Montgomery College email address.

Reasons why your HS Grant is delayed or not approved:

  1. You did not submit a grant application for the semester you intend to take classes.
  2. You are not registered for a class you requested the grant for by the deadline.
  3. You did not submit the required federal tax forms or letter of explanation to scholarships office.
  4. You submitted the tax forms but it did not have the right information (see grant instructions above)
  5. You submitted a grant application or financial information AFTER the posted deadline.
  6. You did not meet one or more of the criteria above to be approved for the grant.

If you have any questions regarding the MC High School Grant, contact the Dual Enrollment office at  or the MC Scholarships office at