Dual Enrollment
Taking College Courses While in High School
High school students

Dual Enrollment is available to select high school students admitted to Montgomery College (MC). Students are enrolled in college courses while still attending high school, providing an educational experience beyond what is available at the secondary level. High school juniors and seniors who meet the College's Dual Enrollment (DE) standards may enhance their schedule with college course work and experience the independence of college-level study while also earning college credit. 

Dual Enrollment at MC enables high school students to:

  • Register and attend a Montgomery College course(s) on campus, online or at their high school site
  • Engage with outstanding college professors and their peers in a collegiate classroom setting
  • Graduate from high school with earned college credit
  • Potentially save money on college tuition
  • Accelerate college completion
  • Gain additional skills and confidence needed to succeed in college 

Students may enroll in a variety of courses at the college, provided they meet the Dual Enrollment standards.  The credits earned may be applied to a degree program at Montgomery College or may potentially be transferred to another institution.

Success Starts Early
In fall 2017, 84% of student grades resulted in a B or better when taking MC coursework directly at their high school.
Attention Parents!

Parents are encouraged to help set students up for success with the Dual Enrollment Program! Feel free to review the eligibility requirements with your child and discuss any questions you both may have. You may also want to review some of the financial assistance options that can be available for them as well. Please remember, per FERPA laws Dual Enrollment staff will work primarily with the student during the registration process. However, reviewing the admission and registration procedures may help you stay informed and active during each of the steps. Our Dual Enrollment staff will do all we can to ensure your child is set up for success!

Eligibility Requirements

Students must be properly admitted to MC and meet the Dual Enrollment criteria in order to enroll in college courses.

Admission and Registration Procedures

Students must complete the step-by-step procedures to apply to MC and enroll in college courses.

Home School Student Info

MC requires that any home-schooled high school student provide verification from their local school system that they are receiving home school instruction.


Tuition, Fees and Financial Assistance

Students are individually responsible for all Montgomery College tuition, fees and textbook expenses. Tuition and fees vary, depending on the number of credit hours you take, your secondary school and residency status.

College Course Options

Students may take credit-level college courses at an MC campus, on-line or at their home high school (where available).

Assessment for Course Placement

Students must meet all assessment and prerequisite requirements for each course sought.


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What People are Saying
My son took several classes at Montgomery College in his senior year of high school. Not only did he earn nine credits which transferred to a four-year university, but also he developed an understanding of the rigors and expectations of college-level coursework. And he enjoyed his professors, too.
MCPS Parent Jill F.
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