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Business Investments in MC Students Benefit the Local Economy

Biotech student working in lab
More than 70% of all MC graduates will stay in Montgomery County to work. Montgomery College is fueling the growth of the local economy.

Working in conjunction with area businesses, Montgomery College responds to the needs of today’s—and tomorrow’s—employers. In collaboration with area businesses, the College helps provide economic opportunity for our students, county residents, and the many businesses who hire MC students and alumni.

MC prepares the homegrown talent who energize our economy as they innovate, lead, and work in enterprises in the county and across the region. Each new hire—each new skill added— is a success story because every wage earner contributes to the greater local economy. Thousands of MC alumni choose to apply their education and job training right here in Montgomery County, contributing over $1 billion annually to the county’s economy.

Montgomery College is fortunate to have meaningful corporate partners. These partners recognize the business value and corporate responsibility of investing in the education, training, and overall well-being of MC students. Westat, Pepco, Johnson Controls, and Lockheed Martin are among the area employers who have made grants to support scholarships, student emergency assistance, educational and mentoring supports, and career pathways for our students.

Other area businesses work alongside the College in programs such as the Cooperative Education and Internship Program. In this program, eligible students are placed in full- or part-time positions directly related to their major. This allows the students to test their career objectives, while also providing area employers with access to potential future employees. MC students who participate in this program have worked at the National Institutes of Health, Marriott, Voice of America, IBM, Euro Motorcars, NIST, Suburban Hospital, and Celera Genomics, as well as many other organizations.

If you work for a company that would benefit from partnering with the College, please contact Craig Eozzo at or 240-479-1300.