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Student Athlete’s Balancing Act

Scholarship Helps Student Focus on Teamwork and Academics
Student Athlete Kayla Moore
Student Athlete Kayla Moore. Photo credit: Michael Simone

During the week, the alarm goes off early at Kayla Moore’s home, ensuring she is ready to lead JumpBunch classes and share her love of exercise with her young students. On the weekends, Moore can be found working at Tru2Form Hoops, running drills and imparting her love of basketball to program participants. With so much on her plate, she follows a strict schedule in order to get everything done.

Moore is incredibly grateful for the athletic scholarship she receives because it alleviates the stress of how to pay for classes and allows her to focus on her academic and athletic goals.

“The scholarship I have has given me the support system of educators, coaches, and counselors who are doing everything in their power to help me achieve my athletic and academic goals,” says Moore. “This scholarship means the world to me. It shows me that I am not on my educational journey by myself.”
After completing her degree at MC, where she is studying political science and criminal justice, Moore’s plans include transferring to a four-year program to pursue a bachelor’s degree. She will then apply to law school.

Utilizing the skills she has been  honing for many years—teamwork, the ability to prioritize, communications, and self-discipline—she wants to “defend those who otherwise would be swept under the rug and help educate people negatively impacted by the criminal justice system.”

The scholarship Moore receives, along with her work ethic and determination, allows her to give her all on in the court and in the classroom, and someday, the courtroom.