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A Mother’s Love Inspires Arts Scholarship

Why I Give
Frank Trezza
Dr. Frank Trezza, dean of visual, performing, and media arts, has joined more than 105 other faculty and staff who have established scholarships for Montgomery College students.

As a longtime resident of New York state, Dr. Frank Trezza, dean of visual, performing, and media arts, wrestled with the decision to move to Maryland to begin a new chapter at Montgomery College. What drew him to the College was, in his words, “the quality of the curricula in the visual and performing arts and the College’s nationally recognized programs.”

“I was impressed by the extraordinary teaching and artistic talent of the faculty in the arts areas, as well as the outstanding programs in the visual and performing arts, and the extensive nature of the co-curricular programs,” he said.

Dr. Trezza began working at the College in 2018. In his role as dean, he oversees a team that produces 40 music events, 20 art exhibitions, three theatre productions, and two dance concerts annually. The events—which are open to the public and are held at different campuses—showcase the talents of Montgomery College students and faculty.

Outside the classrooms, art rooms, stages, and exhibition halls, Dr. Trezza noted the faculty and staff’s commitment to the College’s mission including philanthropic support. After learning that 105 of his colleagues (representing both faculty and staff) have elected to establish their own scholarships, he decided to follow suit.

“I established the scholarship so that I could support students in another way,” he says. It was also an opportunity for him to honor his late mother, Carol Trezza, who he describes as having had a “loving spirit and a generous nature.”

The Carol Trezza Endowed Scholarship for the Arts provides students with the financial support many require to enhance their talents and pursue a colle ge degree.

“My mother loved the arts, and she loved students. She was very proud of the work I do because she saw education as the key to a bright future.”

Each year over 6,000 students participate in art courses offered by the College. This will soon include grateful recipients of the Carol Trezza Endowed Scholarship for the Arts.