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Montgomery College Announces Plans to Continue Remote Teaching and Learning Through Spring Semester 2021

Montgomery College President DeRionne Pollard announced today that the spring 2021 semester, which begins January 25, 2021, will continue with remote teaching and learning with a limited number of on-campus labs—in the same manner as the fall semester was structured.

Pollard reiterated that the College’s priority will continue to be the health and safety of its employees and students.

“It has become clear that bringing additional classes back to campus in the spring semester will put people at too great a risk, given the high levels of COVID-19 in our region,” she said. “While vaccines are beginning to be distributed across the country, it is an enormous undertaking to vaccinate the nation. It will take some time. Spring classes were scheduled with this contingency in mind, so the College is well positioned to continue in this fashion.”

Staff will also continue to work remotely, with limited on-site work for approved positions in phases and staggered shifts through February 28, 2021. All College-sponsored travel will continue to be restricted through February 28 as well. No student-sponsored events will be hosted on campuses or College locations through April 1. In addition, community use of campus facilities and athletic field rentals are suspended through April 1. Conditions affecting these restrictions will be re-evaluated on a regular basis throughout the spring semester.