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MC Wins Five CASE 2021 Accolades and Earns Prestigious Platinum Awards Honorable Mention for Equity and Inclusion

The CASE Platinum Awards recognize the “best-of-the-best programs and practices in educational advancement globally.”

The committee recognized 11 District II Platinum Award Finalists across six of the eight categories. Nine additional entries were named as DISTRICT II PLATINUM AWARD HONORABLE MENTIONS. Montgomery College was one of two recipients of an Honorable Mention for Best Practices in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, “Equity and Inclusion Awareness and Engagement Dialogues and Forums.”

This category is for programming, projects and initiatives that engage diverse constituents and those that contribute to an organizational climate committed to diversity.

Montgomery College won five CASE District II Awards – three gold and two bronze – out of 300 total entries, and was the ONLY community college to receive such recognition.

CASE helps its members build stronger relationships with all of these constituencies in a number of ways. The U.S./Canada is divided into eight regional districts each district has a volunteer board of directors to oversee operations, programming, and services. MC is a member of DII Mid-Atlantic including Delaware, DC, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, West Virginia and Ontario. 

See the CASE District II Accolades Awards winners gallerynew window.

Winning entries

  1. Dual Enrollment – Enhanced Outreach to High School Students (GOLD) 
    Category: Marketing > Marketing Improvement: Only 2 awarded, MC winning the only Gold; Bronze went to University of Toronto.
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    From the judges: “We were impressed with the multi-pronged, comprehensive approach that targeted specific audiences. The website is very easy to navigate, and the marketing materials are nicely designed. Nice way to pivot and address declining enrollment.”

    About this Entry: Montgomery College offers several programs for high school students, including the opportunity to take college- classes and even earn an associate’s degree while still in high school. Facing the prospect of declining enrollment elsewhere within the College, we enhanced dual enrollment outreach efforts, which resulted in a 59.5 percent increase in enrolled dual enrollment students from the previous year and a 72 percent increase in classes enrolled for dual enrollment. These dual enrollment increases helped to offset other enrollment declines the college experienced during this time.

  2. Exploring Careers in Automotive Technology (GOLD)
    Category: Video > General Information – Six total awarded; 3 Gold: MC, Univ. of Waterloo and Univ of Toronto; 3 Silver: Stony Brook Univ.; West Point and UMBC.
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    From the judges: “This video is informative, engaging, dynamic, and truly makes the Automotive Tech Program seem accessible and interesting to an outsider. We especially appreciated that the video balanced its high production values with a behind-the-scenes feel that came off as real, genuine, and informative. We also appreciated the diversity of students and faculty featured in the video.”

    About this Entry: This short video provides an inside look at Montgomery College’s Automotive Technology Program. Many people are interested in gaining skills to work on automobiles. Local businesses have an increasing need for people with skills and certifications in this field. This academic program provides hands-on training to provide a solid foundation of knowledge and experience. The video is hosted and narrated by a faculty member who briefly explains how the program teaches students of all skill sets and prepares them for industry certification exams. Tuition is made more affordable since the students do not need tools, they can borrow them from the College. Viewers are given an inside look at the automotive bays and how students are taught.

  3. Corona Montgomery (GOLD)
    Category: Communications > Communications Pivot – Eleven total entries awarded, 4 Gold to: MC, Univ. of Toronto (2) and NYU; beating out Stony Brook Univ., Bucknell, Univ. of Delaware…
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    From the judges: This is a brilliant use of a public institution’s network to benefit the community. We were impressed with the quality of the production, and the innovative approach to communicating with the greater community, while positioning the institution as a leader.

    About this Entry: At the start of the global pandemic in mid-March, 2020, information on available County resources was highly fragmented and predominantly in English. As part of the larger DC-metro area, local commercial broadcast news and the Washington Post only give partial coverage to our County of one million residents. The County government and Montgomery College recognized a need to consolidate the various COVID-19 information sources into a single, trusted source. MCTV developed a two-prong strategy. Montgomery College Television launched a second cable channel along with companion website, dedicated to hyper-local COVID-19 coverage for Montgomery County. MCTV led the technical and creative development, providing the channel itself, as well as production and engineering resources to the County government. MCTV collaborated with over a dozen entities and aggregated content from several County departments, State, CDC, and six PEG (Public Education and Government) channels in Montgomery County. The website, is an essential hub to curate, disseminate and link to critical information and resources in English, Spanish and Amharic, available for County residents and businesses. The cable channel provides an outlet to the aging population who tend to rely on television for news, much more so than Internet. As a result, a new website, and a new, branded cable channel were launched on April 17, 2020, just a few weeks into the pandemic.

  4. Montgomery College: The Graduation Story (BRONZE)
    Category: Video > Student Recruitment Videos – Three Awards; Gold- Queen’s Univ.; Silver – Gettysburg College; Bronze – MC.
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    From the judges: “There was a lot of information and fun packed into this very short clip. This was a very good use of in-house resources. The video shows students that the goal of obtaining a degree is affordable and achievable. Maria is the highlight of this piece: an excellent choice to convey the message.”

    About this Entry: Maria is thrilled to graduate from Montgomery College! This marketing spot shows how she got there—and how you could, too. It is designed to capture the attention of potential students to learn about Montgomery College and to earn a degree. We decided to show potential students that they could reach their dreams, in the blink of an eye, by quickly reviewing Maria’s path. We know from our graduation interviews with students they appreciate the moment when it all comes together and they finally reach that special day. We tried to capture that feeling and show how easy (and fun) it can be to earn a degree at Montgomery College.

  5. Captioning & Accessibility (BRONZE)
    Category: Communications > Communications Improvement – Three total recipients (Gold went to West Point Association of Graduates, Silver to University of Maryland Baltimore.
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    From the judges: “Those behind this entry constructed a solid plan to solve a problem. It was a large undertaking and they achieved their goals.”

  6. About this Entry: Montgomery College and Montgomery College Television (MCTV) are strong proponents of accessibility and have made large strides in captioning and other tools to increase accessibility collegewide. Our 3-year strategy has resulted in: a) new and updated procedures/expectations identified and created for closed and open captioning for live/pre-produced MCTV videos, on videos shown to audiences during live events, videos featured on College webpages, digital signage, and live or pre-produced videos for social media. Recently, live captions are provided during Zoom video presentations and webinars, and for the first time, MC is providing closed captions on all public Board of Trustee meetings. MCTV maintains 100% closed captioning of live and pre-produced original MCTV cable television programming (nearly 200 hours/year) in the language of origin through collaboration with the College’s Office of Community Engagement. This includes English, Spanish, French, Amharic, Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean. Recently, translation of English programming into the above six languages were re-shared online and on-air with open captions. MCTV is testing a process for live programs with Spanish captions as an option for shows created in English. Several videos were created featuring American Sign Language (ASL).

    In addition to expanding access to videos, MC added telephone call assistance for MC staff to dial on-demand to communicate with the public in myriad languages. Also, MC added a translate function on our website to provide instant translations in top languages in our area.

CASE expects to “display and lift up” the achievements at the All District Conference’s Awards Hall. “Your creative and innovative ideas will serve as inspiration for countless others in the months and years ahead. On behalf of everyone who will benefit, we thank you. We are proud to have you and your colleagues as CASE members, and even more proud to be able to celebrate your achievements.” 

Lis Bischoff Ormsbee
Patton Vo
Doug Ferguson  

CASE District II Awards Co-Chairs

For social media, they suggest: tag CASE at @CASEAdvance on Twitter and Instagram, or the Council for Advancement and Support of Education on LinkedIn and Facebook.