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Montgomery College Appoints Presidential Search Advisory Committee

Board of Trustees Chair Michael J. Knapp said the goal is to announce the next president before the College’s winter break

Montgomery College’s Board of Trustees announced this morning the appointment of a Presidential Search Advisory Committee, a key component of the board’s search for a new president. This group of 23 individuals, listed below, will review applications, interview candidates, and advise the board. 

 “Members of this committee bring the voice of the College’s key internal and external stakeholders as a part of the review process and represent a broad cross-section of the College on multiple dimensions,” Board of Trustees Chair Michael J. Knapp said in a memorandum sent to all MC students and employees. 

Dr. Michael Brintnall, first vice chair of the College’s Board of Trustees, is serving as the Presidential Advisory Committee chair.

The committee held its first meeting Wednesday and will work for the next several months along with Greenwood/Asher & Associates, the search firm assisting the board in this national search. The board’s goal is to announce the next president before the College’s winter break. 

Chair Knapp noted that the committee members are charged with maintaining confidentiality throughout and after the process. Members of the committee are not at liberty to discuss committee proceedings or reveal the names of candidates now or in the future, hence he urged the College community to avoid asking them for information.

Employees and students have an opportunity to share their thoughts and suggestions directly with Chair Knapp, Dr. Brintnall, Greenwood/Asher, and others at the College Forums being held September 20, 22, and 28. 

“I want to thank the members of the committee for their commitment as well as the dozens of College employees and students who offered their names to serve,” Chair Knapp said.  

Presidential Search Advisory Committee: 

  • Michael Brintnall, First Vice Chair, Montgomery College Board of Trustees, Chair of the Search Advisory Committee
  • Rebecca Adegeye, Student
  • Gloria Aparicio Blackwell, Trustee, Montgomery College Board of Trustees
  • Upneet Atwal, Senior Legislative Aide, Council President Tom Hucker, Montgomery County Council, and Member of MC Alumni Association Board of Governors
  • Victoria Baldassano, Part-Time English Professor, and Director of MC Part-Time Faculty Union (SEIU Local 500)
  • Ken Becker, President of Rakusin & Becker Management, Inc., and Montgomery College Foundation Board Director and Immediate Past Chair
  • Eric Benjamin, Instructional Dean, Education and Social Sciences
  • Nawal Benmouna, Department Chair, Engineering, Physical, and Computer Sciences
  • Kevin Beverly, Former President & CEO, Social & Scientific Systems
  • Monica Brown, Senior Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Eddy Enríquez Arana, Professor, Spanish and German, and Coordinator of the Paul Peck Humanities Institute Honors Internship Program
  • Angela Graham, President & CEO, Quality Biological, and Member of PIC MC Foundation Board
  • Elizabeth Greaney, Chief Business and Financial Strategy Officer
  • Kimberly Jones, Director of Student Life
  • Anne Khademian, Executive Director, Universities at Shady Grove
  • Frieda Lacey, Second Vice Chair, Montgomery College Board of Trustees
  • Monifa McKnight, Interim Superintendent of Schools, Montgomery County Public Schools
  • Sonia Pruneda-Hernandez, Collegewide Senior Program Director, Early Childhood Education
  • Maria Sprehn, Professor, Anthropology, and member of AAUP (Full-time Faculty Union)
  • Brad Stewart, Vice President and Provost, Communications, Health Sciences, Health and Physical Education, and Humanities
  • Lori Ulrich, Disability Services Coordinator, and officer of AFSCME (Staff Union)
  • Diego Uriburu, Executive Director, Identity, Inc.
  • Ben Wu, President & CEO, Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation