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A Shared Commitment to Inclusion Leads to $1 Million Gift to Montgomery College from Virginia Resident Kimmy Duong

Montgomery College will host an in-person sign unveiling of the new Kimmy Duong and Long Nguyen Student Services Center on the Rockville Campus Thursday, October 28, 2021. The event will begin at 3 p.m. Adhering to Montgomery College’s social distancing policies, public attendance is by invite only. Media members interested in covering the event should contact the MC media relations team for parking and other logistical information. 

About the Donor

When Kimmy Duong agreed to have lunch with Montgomery College representatives, she was not planning to make a new donation. She was already supporting Montgomery College students through the Kimmy Duong Foundation, along with supporting students going to several area colleges. In addition, she and her husband had made a $5 million gift to George Mason University in support of engineering students, and a $2 million gift to the University of Maryland supporting scholarships for engineering and business school students.

After learning more about Montgomery College’s commitment to inclusion—a topic very close to the heart of this Vietnamese immigrant—she agreed to visit the Rockville Campus to see the new Student Services Center. During the tour, she learned more about the College’s diverse student body. She would later commit to a $1 million gift for scholarships for students with financial need. In appreciation for her generosity, the College named the new building after Kimmy Duong and her husband, Dr. Long Nguyen. The five-story, state-of-the-art building with floor to ceiling windows houses more than 20 College departments.

Duong believes that students, especially those who are immigrants, will benefit from seeing a Vietnamese name on a prominent building—signaling that all are welcome at Montgomery College. Ms. Duong hopes that by seeing their names on the building, it will remind students that anything is possible.