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Montgomery College Partners with AT&T to Help Criminal Justice Majors Strengthen Digital Literacy Skills

Criminal Justice majors at Montgomery College will receive laptops and digital literacy training thanks to a $40,000 contribution from AT&T to the Montgomery College Foundation.  

These contributions are part of the AT&T Connected Learning initiative, created as part of a companywide commitment to help address the digital divide through internet accessibility, affordability, and safe adoption. 

“We want to do what we can to help inspire and prepare the next generation of first responders and leaders in Maryland and around the country,” said Katie McEvoy, regional director of External Affairs, AT&T- Maryland. “Our support of Montgomery College will equip criminal justice majors with the additional digital tools and expertise that are critical to success in the criminal justice field.”  

The laptops will support Criminal Justice majors with financial need, who will have the opportunity to attend virtual sessions along with one-on-one assistance to help develop their digital literacy skills in areas like Microsoft Office applications, Blackboard learning platform, ePortfolio, LinkedIn, and other common resources to promote safe computing practices. Preference for laptops will be awarded to police cadets in the program. Dream Act, DACA, and international students are eligible recipients of these laptops.

“It is critical that all MC students have the tools and the training they need to thrive at Montgomery College and beyond. This contribution from the AT&T Foundation will make a positive impact for students who are affected by the digital divide by providing equitable access and opportunity,” said Dr. Sharon Fechter, interim senior vice president for Academic Affairs at the College. “We are grateful that this support will provide laptops for dozens of future law enforcement and criminal justice professionals.”

To date, MC faculty have used grant funds to purchase 25 laptops for police cadets and other Criminal Justice students to help them successfully complete their academic programs.

One Montgomery College student discussed the immediate effects a new laptop would have on her life as a mother balancing full-time employment and a full course load.

“As a single mother working a full-time job, taking care of my child without any financial assistance and pursuing a higher education degree, it has placed a financial burden on me,” she said. “I am taking all of my courses online which requires having a working computer system. The system I am currently using is second hand, purchased many years ago and is continuously slow in processing simple tasks such as browsing the internet or creating documents for school work. A new laptop will greatly enhance my productivity and motivate me to keep pushing forward through graduation.”