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Billing Policies

For all billing inquiries should be sent to

Tuition and Fees

A tuition fee schedule is included in the Family Enrollment Packet, which lists the current rates. Families may enroll for full day options depending upon the availability of space. When a family has two children enrolled in the center, the second child’s tuition will receive a 10% discount of the lower charge. A discounted tuition rate is extended to Montgomery College students, faculty and staff, University of Maryland students, and employees of Montgomery County Public Schools. Verification of status is required upon initial entry into the program and each semester enrolled. If there is a discrepancy in status, the billing department will require verification. See all tuition and fees.

Minimum Enrollment

In keeping with the child’s best interest, a minimum weekly enrollment of two (2) full days is required for each child. We have found that the transition is smoother for children and they feel more secure when they are in the center frequently enough to allow for the development of relationships and routine.

Enrollment Fee

A non-refundable enrollment fee is due and payable at the time of registering in our Center for Early Education. The fee is paid upon entry into the program and each semester the child is enrolled.  If a family chooses to withdraw and wishes to re-enroll, a new enrollment fee will be charged when reentering the program.

Extra Days/Extra Hours

As space permits, the Center Manager will be happy to schedule additional full days in addition to those originally contracted. Families must complete an Extra Hour/Back Up Care form initialing and noting the dates of extra full days. Rates are listed on the Tuition Fee Schedule. These charges will appear as a separate item on the next tuition bill.

Late Pick-Up Fee

The Center closes promptly at 6:00 p.m. Families are encouraged to arrive fifteen minutes earlier at 5:45 p.m. for the evening closing  in order to allow time for communication with teachers regarding the child’s day and to transition from school to home.  If a child is picked up past their contracted hour, the family will be charged a late fee (see Tuition Schedule). Families will be given a form noting the time of pickup and the late fee charged, and will be given  three (3) College business days to pay the fee online or at the Cashier’s Office on campus. A family member will need to provide a receipt of payment of the late pickup fee to the Center Manager for their child to continue in the program past the three (3) College business days.

If a child is picked up late three times in one semester, the program may no longer be able to serve the family and the child may be administratively withdrawn effective immediately.

In the event that the Center must close due to circumstances beyond our control such as inclement weather or power outages, families will be notified to pick up their child and will be advised of the actual time the Center will be closed. In the event of an early closing, families agree to pick up their child within one (1) hour of notification. Families who do not arrive by the stated closing time will be charged the late pick-up fee.

Registration and Billing Agreement

Families contract for a specific number of full-days per week. Monthly invoices are calculated by the week based on the number of Mondays in each month. All enrollments are effective on a Monday regardless of the day of the week the child’s attendance begins. The invoice is effective on the date agreed upon by the Center Manager and family, noted on the contract. All enrollment forms must be completed and submitted before a child may attend the program. A new registration and billing agreement  needs to be completed for each semester. Failure to complete a new semester billing agreement within the required time frame may result in termination of care. Changes to the original contracted schedule may only be made upon the approval of the Center Manager and by completion of a Schedule Change Form. Changes in schedule are limited to one per month and no more than two times a semester.


When withdrawing from the center, a Schedule/Status Change Form must be completed and received by the Center Manager a minimum of two billing weeks in advance of the withdrawal date. Tuition will be charged until the Center Manager accepts and signs this form. All withdrawals are effective on Friday regardless of the day of the week the child’s attendance ends. If you wish to re-enroll, a new Registration and Billing Agreement must be submitted to the Center Manager.

Your child’s space will not be held for the period between withdrawal and re-enrollment.

Back Up Care

It is the goal of the Center for Early Education to give support to families who may need short-term childcare in emergency situations. When space is available, back up childcare services are available. Enrollment for back up care includes completion and submission of the same forms as regular enrollment. Registration fee and back up care costs are listed on the Tuition Fee Schedule. Upon payment of the registration fee, families can contact the Center Manager to schedule children on a space available basis. The earlier the notice is given, the greater the chance we will be able to accommodate the child.

Change of Contracted Hours

In order to change the child’s contracted hours, families must complete a Schedule Change Form and submit to the Center Manager for approval and under the following terms and conditions:
Full-days may be increased at anytime with the Center Manager’s approval on a space available basis, and the billing statement will be revised according to the effective date change on the form. The change will take effect on Monday.

Full-time schedule may be decreased with two billing week’s notice, and the billing statement will be revised according to the effective date change on the form. Families may submit only one change of hour form per month.

The change will take effect on Monday.

Monthly Payment

Tuition is billed monthly based on the number of Mondays in the month. Invoices for each upcoming month will be mailed to the family during the second week of the preceding month and will include tuition charges, annual registration fee, extra hours and any outstanding balances. Payment is due on the 1st of the month. Payment for the initial enrollment month is due on the day of enrollment. Payments for each following month are due on the 1st of each month. If there is an unpaid balance after the 1st of each month, services may be terminated with one week’s notice. This includes unpaid parent portions of invoices for those receiving subsidies (e.g., Purchase of Care, Working Parent’s and grant funding). Failure to meet the financial commitments of the Registration and Billing Agreement will result in the immediate placement of any delinquent account with the College’s Office of Business Services for further collection in accordance with the College’s policies and procedures.

If tuition is paid late (3) times in a year, billing department may administratively withdraw the child from the program. A fee of $25 will be charged for any returned payments for any reason. Montgomery College reserves the right to require a cashier’s check or money order to replace any returned item.

Method of Payment

Payment for childcare tuition may be mailed to:
Montgomery College
Cashier’s Office
51 Mannakee Street
Rockville, MD 20850

Payment may be made at the Germantown campus Cashier’s Office by check, credit card, cash or money order. The tuition statement must be remitted with payment either by mailing in or paying at the cashier in order to ensure credit is applied to the proper account.

Online payment is available on this website.

Billing Office Communication/Questions

For all billing inquiries should be sent to