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Website Resources

Web Editing

The Web Services team makes it easy to keep web pages accurate and up-to-date. Content owners, generally department heads, can designate two content editors who are authorized to make changes to their web page. If you are a designated content editor and need to edit your page, email: The Web Services team will do the technical work for you, making sure your web content has the necessary coding to comply with the latest standards for style, accessibility, and quality.

In your email, please include:

  • A link or the URL for the page you want to update
  • Details of the changes you want to make.

A few content editors who need edits on a daily basis have been given limited access to the content management system.  That access is reserved for employees for whose official job description includes web content management as a significant portion of their job responsibilities.  They are expected to stay abreast of the latest legal, style, and accessibility requirements, and their work is reviewed by the web communications group before it is published.

All pages, regardless of who edits them, must comply with the web and other style guides detailed below.

Web Style Guide

The Montgomery College website must meet the requirements laid out in the web style guide, the brand style guide, and the editorial style guide. The “MC website” includes all pages with in the address. If your page does not comply, the Office of Communications may revise or remove it.


Questions about anything in this guide? Contact the Office of Communications at