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Biotechnology Boot Camp

Biotechnology Boot Camp at the Germantown Campus, Montgomery College, Maryland

Free Biotechnology Boot Camp Fills Critical Need—Targets Displaced Workers—for Local COVID-19 Vaccine Manufacturing

Montgomery College offered a free, four-week biotechnology boot camp in January, sponsored by WorkSource Montgomery, to quickly train displaced workers for entry-level biomanufacturing jobs. The training targeted displaced hospitality workers and others who have experienced job loss because of the pandemic.

Pre-Registration for the June 7 - July 1, 2021 Bootcamp is now closed. Please look for information about future bootcamps soon. 

Biotechnology Bootcamp graduate student

Biotechnology Bootcamp

Two birds, one "boot camp": Biotech training helps laid off workers fill needed roles

WJLA Channel  7 News — A local college is stepping up to fill two needs: To help some of the many workers who have lost their jobs in the pandemic, and to fill hundreds of available jobs in the biotech industry.

This sophisticated lab may look like it's in a big biotech company with experienced scientists, but it's actually on the campus of Montgomery College, with students in attendance like Maiha Thompson. View the Biotechnology Boot Camp Videonew window

The bootcamp offered intense face-to-face, hands-on training in January. At this time, the exact date for running the next bootcamp has not been determined although we are considering an early June start date. This program is designed to prepare participants for entry-level positions at interested local biotechnology companies. The class, offered in person at the Bioscience Education Center on the Germantown Campus, meets four days a week for four hours a day, totaling 64 contact hours.

This has been a partnership between Montgomery College, WorkSource Montgomery, and Quality Biological and other local biotechnology companies.

  • Montgomery College provides curriculum, faculty, space, and excellent training at the BioScience Education building. 
  • WorkSource Montgomery is the county's work source provider. They identified the students from their pool of job seekers, funded students, and provide job search support for those who complete the boot camp. 
  • Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation also provided funding through WorkSource Montgomery.
  • Students must reside in Maryland in order to be considered for the Bootcamp. 
  • Quality Biological and other industry helped to develop the curriculum and are planning to interview completers for hire.
  • It is important to note that acceptance, attendance, and completion of the Biotechnology Bootcamp is not a promise or a guarantee of employment. 
Information about the next Biotechnology Bootcamp

Montgomery College is now planning a second pilot bootcamp for June 2021. The tentative dates are June 7, 2021 to July 1, 2021. The camp, offered in person at the Bioscience Education Center on the Germantown Campus, will meet four days a week for four hours a day, totaling 64 contact hours. There is a total of twelve seats available and there are two groups- one group of six who meet in the morning (9:00 a.m.) and another group of six that meet in the afternoon (5:00 p.m.). The bootcamp will follow COVID Safety guidance.  The June bootcamp will be offered at no charge to students and is funded by Maryland EARN.

Biotechnology Boot Camp Inquiries:

If you are interested in the Biotechnology Boot Camp, please fill out the pre-registration form so we may learn more about you.. 

Biotechnology Bootcamp Pre-Registration Form