Why Biotechnology at Montgomery College?

At Montgomery College, you have options! Montgomery College approaches Biotechnology with one objective in mind- to prepare you to perform maximally. Do you already work in the biotechnology field? Do you want to update and expand your skills?

Which Biotechnology Option is Best for You? 

Biotechnology Training Workshops 

These Workforce Development workshops are ideal for people already working in the biotechnology field who wish to enhance their business and technical skills. These short seminars and advanced hands-on workshops are all led by subject matter experts in their field. 

BIO-Train, beakers in a laboratory
BIOTrain™ Program Workshops
Do you work in the biotechnology industry and  want to be more proficient in foundational and industry skills? 
BIO-TRAC Gene Editing with CRISPR
BIO-TRAC® Workshops
Do you want to expand your expertise with hands-on advanced training in biotechnology at our state of the art Bioscience Center?


 Biotechnology Degrees and Certificates

These courses and programs are designed for students who wish to pursue a degree or certificate in Biotechnology. 

Biotechnology students seeking a degree
Biotechnology Degree Program

This is for you if you want to pursue a Degree in Biotechnology and find a job. An AA Degree also offers you an opportunity to transfer to a 4-year program elsewhere.  

Biotechnology students in a classroom
Biotechnology Certificate Program

A Certificate is for you if you have a degree in a related science and wish to upgrade your skills in biotechnology. Or, if you currently work in biotechnology and want to update your  skills.