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Gen Ed courses are a component of every associate and bachelor’s degree. The Gen Ed curriculum is mandated by the state of Maryland. 

General Education courses are required for all MC degrees and General Studiesnew window is a degree program that has specific areas of concentration.

The General Education course list is available on the General Educationnew window program page. The foundation areas include English (ENGF) and Mathematics (MATF). The distribution areas include Arts (ARTD), Humanities (HUMD), Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSSD), Natural Sciences (NSLD/NSND), the General Education Institutional Requirement (GEIR), and the General Education Elective (GEEL).

The academic catalognew window page also lists the Gen Ed courses, as well as the required number of Gen Ed credits per degree. Click on ‘General Education Program’ on the right navigation pane. 

With a degree from MC, all General Education courses can transfer as a bundle. Check with your transfer institution, an MC counselornew window, or a program advisornew window about the transferability of an individual class to a specific institution outside of Maryland. For more information, check out the transfer pagenew window.

Typically, a degree includes about 30 General Education credits. Check with an MC counselornew window, a program advisornew window, your major’s advising worksheet new windowto determine the number of General Education credits required to graduate.

General Education courses marked with GCP status have a primary focus or provide in-depth study that leads students to an appreciation of the differences, as well as commonalities, among people by studying the ideas, history, values, and/or creative expressions of diverse groups. These courses are required by the state of Maryland and also by MC’s regional accreditor, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. 


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