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Additional Testing

Read the sections below for updates and general information on TEAS placement testing for Health Sciences and Nursing programs, and GED testing in Maryland.  

TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills for Health Sciences Students)

Students applying to Montgomery College (MC) Nursing and Health Science Programs should read the information in this section and follow the instructions for scheduling a test appointment:

  • Montgomery College administers Version 7 of the TEAS.
  • TEAS testing at Montgomery College will be offered online through remote proctoring. DO NOT come to a campus Assessment & Testing Center to take the TEAS test.
  • ATI has partnered with Proctorio to supervise TEAS test sessions. Test-takers will take the exam online from home or any location where they have a computer and internet connection.
  • All test-takers testing at Montgomery College, even if they are not students of Montgomery College, should update the institution information in their TEAS profile to: Montgomery College Rockville.
  • All Health Science students, regardless of which health science program they are applying for, must select "TEAS for Nursing" when registering to take the TEAS.
  • TEAS scores are good for 24 months.
  • Visit the webpage TEAS Resources for TEAS general information, policies and procedures.
  • Need additional assistance? Contact the Assessment and Testing Centers by email at

Students with Documented Disabilities

  • If you need to request accommodations and you are testing at Montgomery College, you must contact a DSS counselor before scheduling a test appointment with ATI:
    • Review the information on the DSS webpage, complete the online intake form.
    • Let the counselor know that you would like to schedule a TEAS exam.
    • Your DSS counselor will coordinate with the Assessment Center about your exam session.
    • It is recommended that you take the TEAS exam with Montgomery College to ensure you receive all your accommodations.
    • Your ATI profile needs to identify Montgomery College Rockville as your institution
  • If you are not scheduled to complete the TEAS with Montgomery College, please review the ATI Website for more information on setting up your accommodations.
    • You must work directly with ATI to arrange accommodations and resolve any testing issues.

Registering for the TEAS Exam

  • Use this document, Registration Steps for Online TEAS EXAM (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.) , to register for a TEAS Test session.
  • IMPORTANT: check the email account that you used when creating your account for the confirmation receipt of your TEAS Registration and instructions completing a technology check of your computer prior to the test.

Prior to Testing Day

  • Review this document. Preparing for your TEAS Testing Day (PDF, Get Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader.-Link opens in new window.) , for important information to be ready to take the online TEAS exam on your scheduled testing day.
  • REMINDER: check the email account that you used to create your ATI account for an email from for important information that you will need on testing days.

GED® Testing 

Students interested in TAKING the GED® test at Montgomery College should complete the following steps:

Step 1: Review Maryland State GED® Testing Requirements

  • You must be a Maryland state resident to take the GED® Test in Maryland
  • You must be at least 19 years old, or have officially withdrawn from High School by submitting a Withdrawal/Exception Form to the Maryland GED® Office.
  • Visit the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation website for state requirements and forms: GED® Test Informationnew window
  • Note: Non-state residents cannot complete the GED® test in Maryland

Step 2: Create a GED® Account to Schedule an Appointment Online

  • Visit GEDnew window to create your profile. If needed, request testing accommodations directly with GED®
  • Schedule your appointment and the exam modules you want to complete; recommendation: no more than two modules per appointment
  • Select Montgomery College for your appointment; available testing dates and times will appear depending on your campus selection.
  • Note: All scheduling is coordinated directly with GED®, not Montgomery College

Step 3: Attend and Complete Your GED® Appointment

  • Report to the Montgomery College Assessment Center where you appointment is schedule at least 15 minutes beforehand.
  • Bring an accepted, current form of identification to your GED® test appointment:
    • Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration driver’s license, learner’s permit or identification card, or a current active duty military identification card, a valid passport and a second document such as a recent utility bill, phone bill, bank statement, cable bill, or lease agreement.  
    • Note: Out of state licenses or expired documents will not be accepted. There are no ID waivers.

Information and resources for students interested in PREPARING for the GED® test:

What is the GED® Test?

The General Educational Development (GED®) test is completed on the computer, and covers four subjects in four separate exam modules
The GED® exam modules are:

  • Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA): 155 minutes
  • Mathematical Reasoning: 120 minutes
  • Science: 95 minutes
  • Social Studies: 75 minutes

With the exception of the RLA exam, GED® exam modules can completed in English or Spanish. Exam items include multiple choice, short response, fill-in-the blank, drop-down, drag-and-drop, and extended response.

What Is a Passing Score on the GED® Test?  

The GED® test has a passing score of 145 for each module. To earn your Maryland high school equivalency, you will need to score 145 on all four modules.
Students who achieve a score of 165 or higher in the Reasoning Through Language Arts and/or Mathematical Reasoning modules are eligible to enroll in college-level English and mathematics courses at Montgomery College.

More information about GED® score levels can be found online: GED Test Scoresnew window

How Can I Prepare for my GED® Test?  

Montgomery College GED® Test Prep:

Additional Questions?